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# Word of the Day Aylì'u Na'viyä English words Audio [MP3]
2018 säfmi: n. attempt
2017 ley: vin. be of value, have some positive value, be worth something
2016 lawnol: n. great joy
2015 ewro: n. euro
2014 txolar: n. dollar
2013 yoa: adp. in exchange for
2012 tìsteftxaw: n. examination
2011 nìyawr: adv. correctly, rightly
2010 oratsyìp: n. pond, pool
2009 nìskien: adv. to the right
2008 nìftär: adv. to the left
2007 nìyeyfya: adv. straight ahead, in a straight line
2006 yak si: vin. diverge, change direction, go astray
2005 yak: n. fork, branch, point of divergence
2004 yeyfya: n. straight line
2003 momek: adj. hollow, not solid
2002 vawt: adj. solid, not hollow
2001 renulke: adj. irregular, random
2000 yo'ko: n. circle
1999 ko'on: n. ring, oval, closed shape roughly circular
1998 koum: adj. rounded, curved
1997 salewfya: n. direction, course
1996 on: n. shape, form
1995 kelemweypey: adj. impatient
1994 nìkemweypey: adv. impatiently
1993 lì'upuk: n. dictionary
1992 lì'upuk: n. dictionary
1991 rel arusikx: n. movie, film, video
1990 pamrelsiyu: n. writer
1989 paynäpll: n. pineapple
1988 tsyoklìt: n. chocolate
1987 pxayopin: adj. colorful, multicolored, variegated
1986 srok: n. bead (decorative)
1985 srä: n. cloth; a piece of cloth woven on a loom
1984 wokau: n. pendulum drum
1983 tsyeym: n. treasure; something rare and of great value
1982 loi: n. egg
1981 okup: n. milk
1980 ekxinumpe: inter. how tight, loose?
1979 zel: adv. then (counterfactual use)
1978 zun: conj. if (counterfactual use)
1977 fngä: vin. relieve oneself; (on Earth:) use the restroom, go to the bathroom
1976 sänui: n. failure (particular instance of failure)
1975 tìnui: n. failure (abstract concept)
1974 nìnu: adv. failingly, falteringly, in vain, fruitlessly, not achieving the desired or expected end
1973 nui: vin. fail, falter, go astray, not obtain expected or desired result
1972 nìtkanluke: adv. accidentally, unintentionally
1971 nìtkan: adv. purposefully, deliberately
1970 kur: vin. hang
1969 sä'eoio si: vin. take part in a ceremony, perform a ritual
1968 sä'eoio: n. ceremony, ritual, rite
1967 ftumfa: adp- out of, from inside
1966 kxakx: vin. break, snap in two
1965 il: vin. bend
1964 oìsss si: vin. hiss
1963 fwi: vin. slip, slide
1962 fta si: vin. knot, make or tie a knot
1961 fta: n. knot
1960 tsenga: conj. where, place where
1959 mektseng: n. gap, breach
1958 swek: n. bar, rod, pole
1957 rong: n. tunnel
1956 tarnioang: n. predator animal
1955 lini: n. young of an animal, bird, fish, insect
1954 yayotsrul: n. bird's nest
1953 tsrul: n. nest; protected area serving as the home of Pandoran fauna
1952 tsongropx: n. hole, cavity, excavation with a bottom (visible or presumed)
1951 ropx: n. hole (going clear through an object)
1950 txurtel: n. rope
1949 kangay si: vin. validate, confirm
1948 ketsran: adj., conj. no matter, no matter what, whatever
1947 postì: n. (forum/blog) post
1946 frafya: adv. in every way
1945 säfe'ul: n. worsening (specific instance)
1944 sätsan'ul: n. improvement (specific instance)
1943 tìfe'ul: n. worsening (in the general or abstract sense)
1942 tìtsan'ul: n. improvement (in the general or abstract sense)
1941 fe'ul: vin. worsen, get worse
1940 tsan'ul: vin. improve, get better
1939 karyunay: n. apprentice teacher
1938 tsulfätunay: n. nearmaster
1937 eyktanay: n. deputy, general, one step down from leader
1936 'eylanay: n. acquaintance (with the potential for becoming a friend)
1935 sängä'än: n. bout of suffering; episode of depression
1934 nìkelkin: adv. unnecessarily
1933 kelkin: adj. unnecessary
1932 ngä'än: vin. suffer mentally or emotionally, be miserable
1931 tìflrr: n. gentleness, tenderness
1930 nìflrr: adv. gently, tenderly
1929 flrr: adj. gentle, mild, tender (people or things)
1928 tìmyì: n. low level
1927 kxamyì: n. intermediate level
1926 kxaylyì: n. high level
1925 snayì: n. staircase, series of steplike levels
1924 : n. shelf, ledge, level, step, rung
1923 kelsar: adj. useless, in vain
1922 säsìlpey: n. hope (particular instance)
1921 tsìlpey: n. hope (abstract idea)
1920 lie: n. experience
1919 sä'anla: n. yearning
1918 'anla: vtr. yearn for
1917 späpeng: vin. restore oneself (metaphorically)
1916 tìfnunga': adj. quiet
1915 tìsyor: n. relaxation
1914 syor: vin. relax, chill out
1913 zäfi: adj. modified, interfered with, no longer in a natural state
1912 nìyrr: adv. naturally, without tampering with or changing the nature
1911 yrr: adj. wild, natural (something in its original, unmodified, untamperedwith natural state)
1910 yayayrnga': adj. confusing
1909 sngunga': adj. worrisome, troubling
1908 ingyenga': adj. mysterious, puzzling, enigmatic
1907 ningyen: adv. mysteriously, in a puzzling fashion
1906 ingyentsyìp: n. trick, sleight of hand, clever/special methodology
1905 ingyentsim: n. mystery, riddle, enigma, conundrum
1904 yayayrtsim: n. something confusing, source of confusion
1903 sngumtsim: n. worrisome matter, source of worry
1902 ingyen: n. feeling of mystery or incomprehension
1901 särengop: n. design (a particular instance of designing)
1900 tìrengop: n. design (the act or art of designing
1899 rengop: vtr. design
1898 skiempa: n. right side
1897 ftärpa: n. left side
1896 uvan letokx: n. physical or athletic game, sport
1895 inanfya: n. sense (means of perception)
1894 atxar: adj. smell of living animals, as found around a watering hole
1893 unyor: adj. sweetly aromatic (a flowery or aromatic woody sort of smell; may also refer to some spices used in Na'vi cooking)
1892 sosul: adj. pleasant smell of nearby running water, rain, moist vegetation
1891 kxänäng: adj. smell of decaying animal/flesh, rotting, putrid
1890 nget: adj. smell of decaying wood and leaves, dank (nonanimal decay)
1889 fwang: adj. savory, umami, rich
1888 we'ay: adj. sour
1887 onvä': adj. badsmelling
1886 onlor: adj. goodsmelling
1885 fkan: vin. resemble in a sensory modality, come to the senses as
1884 ewktswo: n. (sense of) taste
1883 hefitswo: n. (sense of) smell
1882 stawmtswo: n. (sense of) hearing
1881 tse'atswo: n. (sense of) sight, vision
1880 zir: n. touch, feel, texture
1879 sur: n. taste, flavor
1878 'ur: n. sight, look, appearance
1877 syam: vtr. to smell (intentially)
1876 zìm: vtr. feel (not intentially)
1875 hefi: vtr. smell (not intentially)
1874 tìmwiä: n. fairness, justice
1873 säwäsultsyìp: n. a contest
1872 säwäsul: n. a competition
1871 tìwäsul: n. competition
1870 wäsul: vin. compete
1869 sätaron: n. hunt
1868 nìfnu: adv. silently
1867 venga': adj. organized, ``on top of things"
1866 ve'o: n. order (as opposed to disorder or chaos), organization
1865 fyole: adj. sublime, beyond perfection
1864 fnetxum: n. allergen
1863 tìtxen si: vin. to wake, to waken, wake up
1862 snapamrelvi: n. alphabet
1861 pamrelvi: n. letter (phonetic symbol)
1860 rou: vin. be, or get drunk
1859 swoa: n. intoxicating beverage, or ``spirits''
1858 ylltxep: n. communal fire or fire pit
1857 reykol: vtr. play music, make to sing (poetic)
1856 nìTsyungwen: adv. Zhongwen
1855 talun: adp. because of, due to
1854 nìsìlpey: adv. hopefully
1853 ketsuk: prefix not able to
1852 atanzaw: n. forked lightning
1851 am'aluke: adv. without a doubt
1850 tìmeyp: n. weakness
1849 zeswavi: n. blade of grass
1848 pekxinum: ques. how tight, loose?
1847 'ekxinum: n. degree of tightness, looseness
1846 'ekxin: adj. tight
1845 pxesrray: n., adv. three days from now
1844 pxesrram: n., adv. three days ago
1843 mesrray: n., adv. the day after tomorrow, two days from now
1842 mesrram: n., adv. the day before yesterday, two days ago
1841 numultxatu: n. classmate, member of a class
1840 tìtsunslu: n. possibility
1839 zìsìtay: n. next year
1838 tsawlultxa: n. large gathering, conference
1837 maweypeyyu: n. One who is patient
1836 tìterkup: n. death (in abstract sense)
1835 pìwopxtsyìp: n. nebula
1834 snatanhìtsyìp: n. star cluster
1833 krra: conj. when, at the time that
1832 tsu'o: n. ability
1831 sästarsìm: n. collection (put together intentionally by a person)
1830 snatanhì: n. constellation
1829 snafpìlfya: n. philosophy
1828 snatxärem: n. skeleton
1827 sko: adp. as, in the capacity of, in the role of
1826 sna: prefix group marker for nouns (abbrev. of sna'o)
1825 tawsyuratan: n. aurora
1824 ngep: n. navel
1823 'llngo: n. hip
1822 tìeyktan: n. leadership
1821 tìslan: n. support (emotional, social or personal support)
1820 slan: vtr. support (emotional, social or personal support)
1819 säfyep: n. handle
1818 nìklonu: adv. firmly, steadfastly, faithfully
1817 nìtxay: adv. horizontally
1816 txay: vin. be horizontal, lie flat
1815 txonkrr: adv. at night
1814 txew: n. edge, brink, limit, border, end
1813 velek: vin. give up, surrender, concede defeat
1812 txanro'a: vin. be famous
1811 säro'a si: vin. do great deeds
1810 säro'a: n. feat, accomplishment, great deed
1809 tsongtsyìp: n. dimple
1808 'ìp: vin. disappear, vanish, recede from view
1807 srer: vin. appear, materialize, come into view
1806 tì'i'a: n. ending, conclusion
1805 'ul: vin. increase
1804 lepay: adj. watery
1803 tsngawpayvi: n. teardrop
1802 tsngawpay: n. tears
1801 'ana: n. hanging vine
1800 flawkx: n. leather
1799 rìn: n. wood
1798 sätsyìl: n. climbing event, a climb
1797 nìtsyìl: adv. by climbing
1796 tsyìl: vtr. climb, scale (pulling entire body up)
1795 kllyem: vtr. bury
1794 mal: adj. trustworthy, trustinspiring
1793 sämok: n. suggestion
1792 kllza'u: vin. come down, descend
1791 fäza'u: vin. come up, ascend
1790 fäkä: vin. go up, ascend
1789 nìyll: adv. communally, in a communal manner
1788 yll: adj. communal
1787 sälätxayn: n. defeat, an instance of defeat
1786 pxìmun'i: vtr. divide, cut into parts
1785 säsrìn: n. lent or borrowed thing
1784 zasrìn: vtr. borrow
1783 käsrìn: vtr. lend
1782 srìn: vtr. transfer from one to another (rarely used without prefix)
1781 säkanom: n. something acquired, an acquisition, a possession
1780 kanom: vtr. acquire, get
1779 hangvur: n. joke, funny story
1778 sä'ipu: n. something humorous
1777 tìfmi: n. attempt
1776 tì'ipu: n. humor
1775 'ipu: adj. humorous, funny, amusing
1774 tìyo': n. perfection
1773 nìyol: adv. briefly, shortly (of time)
1772 nìyo': adv. perfectly, flawlessly
1771 ngampam si: vin. rhyme
1770 slär: n. cave
1769 ngam: n. echo
1768 säfngo': n. requirement, demand
1767 kxeltek: vtr. pick up, lift
1766 särawn: n. replacement, substitute, something that replaces something else
1765 tìrawn: n. replacement, the act of replacing
1764 rawn: vtr. replace, substitute
1763 sätswayon: n. flight (an instance of flying)
1762 kllpä: vin. land, reach the ground
1761 kllwo: vin. alight, land (process of)
1760 tsìk: adv. suddenly, without warning
1759 yawo: vin. take off, launch
1758 ultxatu: n. meeting participant
1757 wayä aylì'u: ph. words of a poem or lyrics of a song
1756 way a rol: ph. sung poem
1755 way a plltxe: ph. spoken poem (as a melodic recital)
1754 snaytu: n. loser
1753 säsyep: n. trap
1752 sneyä: pn. his own, her own, its own
1751 flìnutx: n. thickness
1750 flì: adj. thin; nfp.
1749 nutx: adj. thick
1748 hìmpxì: n. minority, least, small part
1747 txewm: adj. scary, frightening
1746 kxukx: vtr. swallow
1745 säpom: n. kiss
1744 nìngong: adv. lethargically, lazily
1743 nìkmar: adv. in the right season, opportunely
1742 kìmar: adj. in season (of foods, vegetable or animal)
1741 nìfmokx: adv. jealously, enviously
1740 fmokx: n. jealousy, envy
1739 nuä: adp. beyond
1738 fìtsap: adv. each other
1737 sämyam: n. hug, embrace
1736 txantompa: n. rainstorm, heavy rain
1735 nìtxiluke: adv. unhurriedly, leisurely
1734 letxiluke: adj. unhurried
1733 nìtxi: adv. hurriedly, in a frenzied way
1732 tìngong: n. lethargy, laziness
1731 walak: adj. energetic, active
1730 ngong: adj. lethargic, lacking sufficient energy, lazy
1729 nìsngä'i: adv. originally, at first
1728 nìtsim: adv. originally, in an original way, with originality
1727 lesngä'i: adj. original, existing at or from the start, first in a series
1726 letsim: adj. original, unique, not derived from another source
1725 nìksman: adv. wonderfully
1724 säomum: n. (piece of) information
1723 tìng lawr: vin. sing wordlessly, give out a tune or melody
1722 nìtsìsyì: adv. by whispering, in a whisper
1721 sätsìsyì: n. whisper
1720 tsìsyì: vin. whisper
1719 rì'ìr si: vin. reflect, imitate
1718 rì'ìr: n. reflection
1717 säsrätx: n. annoyance
1716 srätx: vtr. annoy, bother
1715 nim: adj. timid, shy
1714 nìsteng: adv. similarly
1713 steng: adj. similar
1712 'awnìm: vtr. avoid
1711 kay: adp. from now (in the future)
1710 kam: adp. ago
1709 tìmll'an: n. acceptance
1708 tìtsyär: n. rejection
1707 tìtstew: n. courage, bravery
1706 stxenu: n. offer
1705 'ä': intj. oops!
1704 tsmìm: n. track, trace (of animal or person)
1703 ninan: adv. by reading
1702 tinan: n. reading
1701 tìomum: n. knowledge
1700 vingkap: vtr. occur to one, pop into one's mind
1699 txankrr: adv. for a long time
1698 nìvingkap: adv. by the way, incidentally
1697 mìftxele: adv. in this regard, related to this matter
1696 vin: vtr. request, ask for
1695 fmawnta: n. that news
1694 Toitsye: adj. German (language)
1693 Toitslan: prop.n. Germany
1692 akrrmaw: conj. after (temporal)
1691 mawkrra: conj. after (temporal)
1690 le'aw: adj. only
1689 'aku: vtr. remove, take away, take off
1688 miktsang: n. earring
1687 tsang: n. a piercing
1686 tsamopin: n. warpaint
1685 renten: n. goggles, (made from insect wings, carved from wood, etc)
1684 pxawpxun: n. armband
1683 nikroi: n. hair adornment
1682 masat: n. breastplate (armor)
1681 fkxile: n. bib necklace
1680 'are: n. poncho, cape, shawl
1679 'ali'ä: n. collar / choker
1678 hawre': n. hat
1677 hawntsyokx: n. glove
1676 hawnven: n. shoe
1675 raspu': n. leggings (used in war)
1674 tewng: n. loincloth
1673 pxen: n. functional clothing (item of)
1672 uran: n. boat
1671 hawtsyìp: n. nap
1670 wätu: n. opponent
1669 nìfe': adv. badly
1668 fe': adj. bad
1667 lomtu: n. missed person
1666 lom: adj. missing, missed (as an absent person who is longed for)
1665 kawngsar: vtr. exploit
1664 pllngay: vin. admit
1663 etnaw: n. shoulder
1662 tsapo: pn. that one (for people only)
1661 kawtseng: adv. nowhere
1660 säplltxevi: n. comment
1659 säplltxe: n. statement
1658 fwampop: n. tapirus
1657 keyrel: n. facial expression
1656 nìwawe: adv. meaningfully, significantly
1655 txanwawe: adj. personally meaningful, significant
1654 temrey: n. survival
1653 sloan: vtr. pour
1652 skxirtsyìp: n. cut, bruise, minor wound
1651 skxir si: vin. wound
1650 leskxir: adj. wounded
1649 otxang: n. musical instrument (generic term)
1648 snaytx: vtr. lose
1647 tìftang si: vin. stop (someone or something)
1646 nìfrakrr: adv. as always
1645 nìlam: adv. apparently
1644 hufwetsyìp: n. breeze, light wind
1643 'akra: n. soil (fertile)
1642 txumnga': adj. poisonous
1641 meuianga': adj. honorable, honorably
1640 paynga': adj. moist, humid, damp
1639 lepwopx: adj. cloudy
1638 leyapay: adj. foggy, misty
1637 sang: adj. warm
1636 txawew: adj. very cold
1635 somwewpe: inter. what temperature? (more common)
1634 pesomwew: inter. what temperature?
1633 pup: adj. short (physical length)
1632 ye: adj. satisfied, content, satiated, full
1631 sweylu: v. should
1630 muntrram: n. last weekend
1629 kintrray: n. next week
1628 kintrram: n. last week
1627 muntrr: n. weekend
1626 mrrtrr: n. five day work week
1625 payìva: n. drop of water
1624 ìlva: n. flake, drop, chip
1623 hertxayo: n. snow field
1622 hermeyp: n. snow flurry
1621 txanfwerwì: n. blizzard
1620 tomperwì: n. sleet
1619 herwì: n. snow
1618 tskxepay: n. ice
1617 tskxaytsyìp: n. hail
1616 tompameyp: n. drizzle
1615 tìfkeytok: n. state, condition, situation
1614 fkeytok: vin. exist
1613 yafkeyk: n. weather
1612 tsuktswa': adj. forgettable
1611 ketsuktswa': adj. unforgettable
1610 tsukyom: adj. edible
1609 ìì: filler um, er
1608 tìtaron: n. hunting
1607 tìwan: n. obfuscation, cover up
1606 nìwan: adv. secretly, in hiding, by hiding
1605 wan: vtr. hide
1604 pan: n. third, one third
1603 nìronsrel: adv. in imagination, by imagination
1602 leronsrel: adj. imaginary
1601 txanatan: adj. bright, vivid
1600 tìronsrel: n. imagination
1599 ronsrel: n. something imagined
1598 ronsrelngop: vtr. imagine, envision (c.w. of ronsem mind, rel picture, ngop create, casual pronunciation [Ron.sREw.Nop] )
1597 lisre: adp. by, before, up to but not after
1596 li: adv. already
1595 nìwäte: adv. disagreeably, begrudgingly
1594 lewäte: adj. disagreeable, argumentative (of an agent)
1593 säwäte: n. point of contention, source of argument, thing disputed
1592 tìwäte: n. dispute, argument
1591 wäte: vtr. argue, dispute
1590 nìsngum: adv. worryingly, fretfully
1589 sngum: n. worry
1588 väng: adj. thirsty
1587 pamtseo si: vin. play music (with fa for instrument played)
1586 sä'o: n. tool, utensil
1585 le'en: adj. speculative, intuitive
1584 'en si: vin. make an informed guess
1583 'en: n. guess, informed guess, hunch, intuition
1582 tìsla'tsu: n. description
1581 sla'tsu: vtr. describe
1580 few: adp. across, aiming for the opposite side of
1579 akrrta: conj. since (temporal)
1578 lelì'fya: adj. concerning language, regarding language
1577 pay: prefix plural inter. marker (from pe and ay)
1576 Yeysu: prop.n. Jesus
1575 nìftxan: adv. so, to such an extent
1574 var: vim. to persist in a state, to continue to perform an action
1573 kìte'e si: vin. serve
1572 sno: pn. his self, her self, its self (reflexive, genitive form sneyä)
1571 tìhawnu si: vin. protect
1570 säzärìp: n. face lead, rein
1569 letokx: adj. bodily, physical
1568 sayrìp: adj. handsome, good looking
1567 nìnäk: adv. by drinking, in a liquid way
1566 tìlen: n. event, happening
1565 tìsom: n. heat
1564 fnan: vtr. be good at
1563 nì'o': adv. in a manner which is enjoyable, enjoyably
1562 tì'o': n. fun, excitement
1561 pxorpam: n. ejective consonant
1560 skxaypxe: n. Skype
1559 Europa: prop.n. Europe
1558 'o': adj. bringing fun, exciting
1557 säsulìn: n. hobby, pleasureyielding activity
1556 tìk'ìn: n. free time, the absence of business
1555 sulìn: svin. be busy (positive sense), be engrossed in something one finds especially pleasant and energizing
1554 nìfkrr: adv. lately, currently
1553 Sweriye: prop.n. Sweden
1552 'ìn: svin. be busy, be occupied
1551 käteng: vin. spend time with, hang out with
1550 swawtsyìp: n. little moment, second
1549 way si: vin. sing
1548 tskxekeng si: vin. exercise, train
1547 fula: pn., sbd. that
1546 sopyu: n. traveller
1545 kaltxì si: vin. say hello, greet
1544 vewng: vtr. look after, take care of, be responsible for
1543 'emyu: n. cook, cooker
1542 txin: adj. main, primary
1541 tìn: n. activity that keeps one busy
1540 nìtrrtrr: adv. on a daily basis, regularly
1539 nokx: vtr. give birth to
1538 'ongokx: vin. be born
1537 leno: adj. thorough, detailorientated (of a person)
1536 nìno: adv. in detail, expansively, thoroughly
1535 nìToitsye: adv. German, Deutsch
1534 nìFranse: adv. French, in French
1533 päsketpol: n. basketball
1532 leyn: vtr. repeat, do again
1531 tì'em: n. the art of cooking
1530 tìmok: n. suggestion
1529 tì'ong: n. blooming, unfolding
1528 Pari: prop.n. Paris
1527 nì'eng: adv. equally, on the same level
1526 tìwusem: n. fighting
1525 kan'ìn: vtr. focus on, specialize in, be particularly interested in
1524 hultstxem: vtr. hinder
1523 hìtxoa: intj. excuse me
1522 smon: vin. be familiar, be known (with dative)
1521 ngrrpongu: n. grassroots movement
1520 stxeli: n. gift
1519 tìtstunwi: n. kindness
1518 tìftxavang: n. passion
1517 yapay: n. mist, fog, steam
1516 uk: n. shadow
1515 syaksyuk: n. prolemuris
1514 ramtsyìp: n. hill
1513 pìwopx: n. cloud
1512 kenten: n. fan lizard
1511 fkio: n. tetrapteron
1510 'evenge: n. girl
1509 'evengan: n. boy
1508 'eve: n. girl (colloquial)
1507 'evan: n. boy (colloquial)
1506 ta'lengean: adj. skin blue
1505 pil: n. facial stripe
1504 neympin: n. light color
1503 vawmpin: n. dark color
1502 teyrpin: n. white
1501 layompin: n. black
1500 ompin: n. violet, purple, magenta
1499 tumpin: n. red, orange
1498 'om: adj. violet, purple, magenta
1497 nìtengfya: adv. as, same way as (similar action)
1496 naer: n. drink, something able to be drunk
1495 tìsung: n. addition, post script (P.S.)
1494 pamrelfya: n. spelling
1493 pxelo: adv. thrice, three times
1492 eltur tìtxen si: vin. be interesting, intriguing
1491 lì'upam: n. accent, pronunciation
1490 lefkrr: adj. current
1489 irayo si: vin. thank, give thanks
1488 zeyko: vtr. heal, fix
1487 zoslu: vin. heal, become well, get fixed
1486 zìsìkrr: n. season
1485 txukx: adj. deep (physically)
1484 tolel: intj. Eureka! I found it! I understand!
1483 syayvi: n. luck, chance
1482 rolun: intj. Eureka! I've found it!
1481 reng: adj. shallow (physically)
1480 nìsung: adv. besides, additionally, furthermore
1479 tìngäzìk: n. difficulty, problem
1478 ngäzìk: adj. difficult, hard
1477 tìnomum: n. curiosity
1476 lenomum: adj. curious
1475 newomum: svin. be curious, want to know
1474 netrìp: adv. luckily, happily
1473 muntxate: n. wife, female spouse
1472 muntxatan: n. husband, male spouse
1471 muntxatu: n. spouse
1470 ram: n. mountain
1469 lìng: vin. float in the air, hover
1468 nìfyeyntu: adv. like an adult, maturely
1467 ki: conj. but rather, but instead
1466 nìhek: adv. strangely, oddly
1465 hek: vin. be curious, odd, strange, unexpected
1464 leye'krr: adj. early
1463 lehawngkrr: adj. late
1462 hawngkrr: adv. late
1461 tìfyeyn: n. ripeness, maturity, full fruition
1460 fyeyntu: n. adult person
1459 ftxìlor: adj. delicious, good tasting
1458 fnawe'tu: n. coward
1457 'okvur: n. history (nonancient)
1456 'okrol: n. history (ancient)
1455 'a'aw: adj. a few, several
1454 fuke: conj. or not
1453 tstunwi: adj. kind, thoughtful, considerate
1452 hamalo: adv. last time
1451 tìpängkxotsyìp: n. little conversation
1450 tìtusaron: n. hunting
1449 tìyusom: n. eating (the act)
1448 tìkusar: n. teaching (the act)
1447 txeptsyìp: n. dear or cute little fire
1446 ngatsyìp: pn. little you, you little
1445 taronyutsyìp: n. little hunter
1444 tswintsyìp: n. little queue
1443 tswin: n. queue, braid
1442 kem si: vin. do
1441 sa'nutsyìp: n. little mommy (used for young girls)
1440 'itetsyìp: n. little daughter (term of endearment)
1439 säspxintsyìp: n. minor ailment
1438 utraltsyìp: n. bush
1437 puktsyìp: n. pamphlet, booklet
1436 nafì'u: adj. such
1435 lì'fyavi: n. expression, bit of language
1434 tsawlhì': n. size
1433 tsat: pn. that, it (as object)
1432 tsal: pn. that, it (transitive subject)
1431 sat: pn. that
1430 nìk'ong: adv. slowly
1429 ngopyu: n. creator
1428 ngeyn: adj. tired
1427 mawkrr: adv. after, afterwards
1426 hìkrr: n. second, very short time
1425 tìtxen: n. awakeness, the state of waking
1424 lehrrap: adj. dangerous
1423 apxangrr: n. delta tree
1422 'ampirikx: n. leaf pitcher plant
1421 rawp: n. bladder polyp
1420 sngukx: n. grub plant
1419 väfewll: n. Centipede, badsmell plant
1418 mìnyu: n. turner
1417 mìnyu: n. turner, twisted lily
1416 pxayzekwä: n. spiny whips
1415 tìhawnuwll: n. spartan, protection plant
1414 fkxakewll: n. itch plant
1413 kxaylte: n. cillaphant
1412 mulpxar: n. roosterhead plant
1411 'ä'o: n. pitcher plant
1410 smaoe: n. phalanxia, heavily thorned plant
1409 kllpxiwll: n. lionberry
1408 syeptute: n. hyneman, person trapper
1407 pxiwll: n. hermit bud plant
1406 tompawll: n. geode, rain plant
1405 anìheyu: n. fibonacci, blue spiral plant
1404 pa'liwll: n. direhorse pitcher plant
1403 tstxa'a: n. canalyd
1402 'ele'wll: n. thorny paw, cactus
1401 eanean: n. cheadle, herbaceous plant
1400 tìftia kifkeyä: n. science, the study of the physical world
1399 tìftia: n. study
1398 prrkxentrrkrr: n. day time smoking pleasure, vibrating tongue (Na'vi idiom)
1397 lekoren: adj. lawlike
1396 pängkxoyu: n. chatter, converser
1395 au: intj. exclamation of consternation
1394 trrtxon: n. the day and night cycle of Pandora
1393 tsyänel: n. TV channel
1392 ayu: n. things
1391 srekrr: adv. before, already, ahead of time
1390 sngä'iyu: n. beginner
1389 nìprrte': adv. pleasurably, gladly, with pleasure
1388 alunta: conj. because, from the reason
1387 Yuesey: prop.n. U.S.A.
1386 pum: pn. one (placeholder pronoun referring to a previously mentioned noun or pronoun)
1385 rofa: adp. beside, alongside
1384 numtsengvi: n. classroom, division of a school
1383 tsulfä si: vin. master
1382 tsulfä: n. mastery
1381 pìlok: n. blog
1380 nì'i'a: adv. finally, at long last
1379 tìkangkemvi: n. project, piece of work
1378 hametsì: n. leavened bread
1377 matsa: n. matsa, crackers
1376 ku'up: adj. heavy (physical weight)
1375 nìmwey: adv. calmly, peacefully
1374 alo: n. time, turn, instance, one of a number of repeated or recurring actions
1373 tsaria: pn., sbd. that
1372 tsata: pn., sbd. that
1371 tsawa: pn., sbd. that
1370 tsyìräfì: n. giraffe
1369 wou: svin. be amazing, fascinating (slang)
1368 trr'ong: n. dawn, sunrise
1367 nayn: n. the symbol 9 (not the value nine)
1366 'eyt: n. the symbol 8 (not the value eight)
1365 teyr: adj. white
1364 nìsti: adv. angrily
1363 ke'aw: adj. divided, torn apart, striferidden
1362 polpxay: inter. how many
1361 tìvawm: n. darkness
1360 tsahey: intj. expression of warning or frustration, 'crap!', 'ah, hell!'
1359 oìsss: intj. angry snarl, 'watch it!'
1358 tsalsungay: adv. nevertheless, even so
1357 tsaw: dem., pn. that, it (as intransitive subject)
1356 kxll si: vin. charge
1355 tstu: adj. closed, shut, overcast (for cloudy skies)
1354 piak: adj. open, clear (for cloudless skies)
1353 txa': adj. hard
1352 tsewtx: adj. dirty
1351 laro: adj. clean
1350 tìm: adj. low
1349 hewne: adj. soft (of an object)
1348 tìtxula: n. construction, constructed thing
1347 tìtslam: n. understanding, intelligence
1346 tìlam: n. appearance
1345 tìftxey: n. choice
1344 tìtxanew: n. greed
1343 tìsti: n. anger
1342 nìlaw: adv. clearly
1341 nìkanu: adv. intelligently, in a smart way
1340 nì'eyng: adv. back, in response, in answer
1339 spuwin: adj. old, former
1338 sänumvi: n. lesson
1337 txampxì: n. majority, most, large part
1336 nìkeftxo: adv. unfortunately, sadly
1335 lefpomtokx: adj. healthy
1334 fpomtokx: n. health (physical)
1333 tìketeng: n. difference
1332 tìyawr: n. correctness
1331 tìkxey si: vin. mess up, foul, do wrong
1330 tìkxey: n. incorrectness, mistakeness
1329 'awlie: adv. once (in the past)
1328 pximaw: adp. right after
1327 pxisre: adp. right before
1326 pxiye'rìn: adv. immediately (not as soon as pxiswaway)
1325 pxiswaway: adv. in just a second from now
1324 pxiset: adv. right now
1323 pxiswawam: adv. just a moment ago
1322 trrpeve: inter. which day (derived from trr day and pe interrogative marker and ve ordinal number marker)
1321 vey: n. food made from animal origin, flesh
1320 tsyosyu: n. food made from flour
1319 tìohakx: n. hunger
1318 ohakx: adj. hungry
1317 tsakrrvay: adv. until then, in the meantime
1316 nìmweypey: adv. patiently
1315 lemweypey: adj. patient
1314 tìmweypey: n. patience
1313 maweypey: svin. be patient (ii)
1312 tì'efu: n. feeling
1311 tswa': vtr. forget
1310 pefnel: inter. which kind
1309 fnel: n. kind, type
1308 tìme'em: n. harmony (general sense)
1307 rey'eng: n. the Balance of Life
1306 kxayl: adj. high
1305 ango: adj. soft (of a sound)
1304 kxitx: n. death
1303 tìpe'un: n. decision
1302 syay: n. fate
1301 fpìlfya: n. thought pattern, way of thinking
1300 stxong: adj. strange, unfamiliar, unknown
1299 lekin: adj. necessary
1298 hawng: n. overabundance
1297 lehawng: adj. excessive
1296 kxuke: adj. safe
1295 fkay: adj. hateful
1294 tì'eylan: n. friendship
1293 txanew: adj. greedy
1292 lekye'ung: adj. insane, crazy
1291 yawntu: n. loved one
1290 yawnetu: n. loved one
1289 tìmuntxa: n. mating, marriage
1288 soaia: n. family (irregular genitive form soaiä)
1287 numeyu: n. student
1286 tìhawl: n. preparations, plan
1285 mekre: n. supplies
1284 klltseng: n. position
1283 wempongu: n. squad, military clan, battle party
1282 tìska'a: n. destruction
1281 tì'i'avay: adv. until the end
1280 kaw'it: adv. at all, not at all (see ke...kaw'it not...at all)
1279 tìprrte': n. pleasure
1278 numtseng: n. school
1277 : adj. unpleasant to the senses, noisome
1276 mowan: adj. pleasing, enjoyable (physically, sexually)
1275 'änsyem: adj. complete
1274 kemlì'u: n. verb
1273 payoang: n. fish
1272 'Rrta: prop.n. Earth
1271 leNa'vi: adj. having to do with the Na'vi, the People
1270 'opin: n. color, colour
1269 tstal: n. knife
1268 txantstew: n. hero
1267 nawmtu: n. great person
1266 tìsrese'a: n. prophecy
1265 tìpängkxo: n. conversation, discussion
1264 wew: adj. cold
1263 ukxo: adj. dry
1262 tsray: n. village
1261 'ora: n. lake
1260 pxawpa: n. perimeter, circumference, border
1259 tsopì: n. lung
1258 reypay: n. blood
1257 ta'leng: n. skin
1256 sre': n. tooth
1255 re'o: n. head
1254 pewn: n. neck
1253 nikre: n. hair
1252 käsatseng: adv. out there
1251 käpxì: n. rear (part or section)
1250 mìfa: n., adv. inside
1249 pa'o: n. side
1248 lerìk: adj. leafy
1247 rìk: n. leaf
1246 'eoio: adj. ceremonious
1245 pxim: adj. erect, upright
1244 nìpxim: adv. erectly, rightly
1243 'awlo: adv. once
1242 keng: adv. even, so much as
1241 syä'ä: adj. bitter
1240 fkxen: n. vegetable (food)
1239 skxom: n. chance, opportunity
1238 tse: part. well (conversation starter)
1237 lesar: adj. useful
1236 tìoeyktìng: n. explanation
1235 vitra: n. soul
1234 rusey: adj., n. alive, living, living thing
1233 fìtrr: adv. today
1232 weyn: v. draw, illustrate
1231 sran: part., intj. yes (colloquial)
1230 stä'nì: vtr. catch
1229 nitram: adj. happy (of people)
1228 txepvi: n. spark
1227 nìrangal: adv. wish (contrary to fact, with perfective or imperfective subjunctive)
1226 rangal: vin. wish
1225 ultxa si: vin. meet with someone intentionally (use hu with)
1224 lì'upe: inter. what (word, utterance)
1223 hìmtxampe: inter. how much
1222 hìmtxan: n. amount
1221 tsengo: pn. somewhere
1220 tuteo: pn. somebody, someone
1219 'uo: pn. something
1218 tup: conj. instead of, rather than
1217 ngian: adv. however
1216 kea: adj. no (before a noun)
1215 frato: part. superlative marker than all (behaves like an adp.)
1214 fratseng: adv. everywhere
1213 pamrel si: vin. write
1212 pamrel: n. writing
1211 pängkxoyu lekoren: n. lawyer
1210 prrwll: n. moss
1209 kefyak: part. isn't it?, right?
1208 säfpìl: n. idea
1207 kì'ong: adj. slow
1206 eltu lefngap: n. computer
1205 kxu: n. harm
1204 alìm: adv. far away, at a distance
1203 : adp. against (as in: fight against)
1202 sre: adp. before (time)
1201 ro: adp. at (locative)
1200 luke: adp. without
1199 takip: adp. from among
1198 sìn: adp. on, onto
1197 pxel: adp. like, as
1196 nemfa: adp. into, inside
1195 maw: adp. after (time)
1194 lok: adp. close to
1193 kxamlä: adp. through (via the middle of)
1192 io: adp. above
1191 fkip: adp. up among
1190 txopu si: vin. be afraid
1189 srung si: vin. help
1188 nekll: adv. down (direction)
1187 yem: vtr. put, place
1186 win si: vin. rush something, make something fast
1185 win säpi: vin. hurry
1184 wem: vin. fight
1183 tungzup: vtr. drop (ii)
1182 tsurokx: vin. rest
1181 tsunslu: vin. may, be possible
1180 tstu si: vin. close
1179 tsre'i: vtr. throw
1178 tsngawvìk: vin. cry, weep
1177 tsawl slu: vin. grow
1176 tsap'alute si: vin. apologise (apologize)
1175 tsaheyl si: vin. bond with, establish a neural connection
1174 tsä': v. squirt
1173 toltem: vtr. shoot
1172 tìsraw si: vin. hurt, be painful
1171 tìsraw: n. pain
1170 tìsraw seyki: vtr. hurt (someone or something)
1169 tìng tseng: vin. back down, give ground
1168 tìkangkem si: vin. work
1167 tì'awm: n. camping
1166 tì'awm si: vin. camp
1165 tem: vin. shoot
1164 tätxaw: vin. return
1163 tatep: vtr. lose track, lose awareness of something
1162 sto: vtrm. refuse (to do something)
1161 srese'a: v. prophetize, prophesize, prophesy
1160 spule: vtr. propel
1159 speng: vtr. restore
1158 spä: v. jump
1157 sleyku: vtr. produce
1156 sim: svin. be near
1155 salew: v. proceed, go
1154 pxor: vin. explode
1153 piak si: vin. open
1152 pate: v. get to a place, arrive
1151 oeyktìng: v. explain (why) (ii)
1150 nong: v. follow, proceed after
1149 muntxa si: vin. mate (with someone), marry
1148 lew si: vin. cover
1147 len: vin. happen, occur
1146 lek: vtr. heed, obey
1145 latsi: v. keep up with someone
1144 kllkä: vin. go down, descend
1143 kä'ärìp: vtr. push
1142 hawl: vtr. prepare
1141 sngap: vtr. sting
1140 vaykrr: conj. until
1139 hangham: vin. laugh
1138 ftem: vtr. pass by (something)
1137 'ia: vin. lose oneself (spiritual sense) Eo Eywa oe 'ia. I lose myself before Eywa.
1136 'i'a: vin. end, conclude Sänumviri 'oli'a ye'krr. The lesson concluded early.
1135 'eyng: v. answer, respond Srake ngal oeyä tìpawmti 'iveyng? Will you answer my question?
1134 'em: vtr. cook Oeyä wutsori tsnganti oel 'olem. I cooked meat for my meal.
1133 'efu: vtr. feel, sense, perceive Oe 'efu nitram fìtrr. I feel happy today.
1132 'awstengyem: vtr. bind / bring two or more things together (ii) Ayolo'ti pol 'awstengyoleiem tengkrr krra keftxo nìtxan. He brought the clans together in a time of great sorrow.
1131 'ärìp: vtr. move Oel tsketi 'olärìp fpi po. I moved the stone for him.
1130 Jakesully: n. moron, toruk maktoyu Kop Jakesully tsamsiyu lu. Jakesully is also a warrior.
1129 zong: v. save, defend Pol tsrayit zolong. He defended the village.
1128 zamunge: vtr. bring Rutxe, oeru zamivunge tsasyuveti. Please bring me that food.
1127 yur: vtr. wash Ngeyä mesyokxit yur srekrr yom. Wash your hands before you eat.
1126 yomtìng: vin. feed (with dative object) (ii) Rutxe yomtìng ngeyä ayioangur. Please feed your animals.
1125 yomhì'ang: n. small animal/insect eater, dakteron Yomhì'angìl zize'ti yolom. The dakteron ate a hellfire wasp.
1124 yom: vtr. eat Moeri pesyuveti yiyevom fìtxon? What food shal we eat tonight.
1123 yìm: vtr. bind Mefoti yìm utralur. Bind them to the tree.
1122 yerik: n. hexapede Oel yerikit taron fa tskxo. I hunt hexapede with a bow.
1121 ye'rìn: adv. soon Zene nga hivum ye'rìn. You must leave soon.
1120 yawne: adj. beloved Lu nga yawne oeru. You are beloved to me.
1119 ya: n. air Yari onvä' fkan fìtseng. The air smells bad here.
1118 wutso: n. dinner, served meal Wutsori a moel yolom trram fkaman ftxìlor. The meal that we ate yesterday was delicious.
1117 wrrpa: n., adv. outside Trram, moe uvan soli wrrpa. Yesterday, we played a game outside.
1116 'ewll: n. plant Tsa'ewll lu pefnel? What kind of plant is that?
1115 wìntxu: vtr. show Srake wivìntxu oeru ngal hiyìka tsatskxeti a nga rolun? Will you show me that strange stone that you found?
1114 win: adj. fast Wina hufwel kelkuti skola'a. A fast wind destroyed the house.
1113 Vitrautral: prop.n. Tree of Souls Lu Vitrautral swot Na'viru. The Tree of Souls is sacred to the Na'vi.
1112 virä: v. spread, proliferate Txep ka zeswa aukxo virä nìwin. The fire spread quickly across the dry grass.
1111 vay: adp. up to Vay fìkrr, tsaskxawngìri oe maweypamey. Until now I have been patient with that moron.
1110 uvan si: vin. play (a game) Moe uvan sivi ko. Let's play a game.
1109 uvan: n. game Oel uvanit snìmängaytx. I just lost the game.
1108 uniltìrantokx: n. avatar, dreamwalker body Uniltìrantokx fkan nìsteng na Na'viyä tokx. A dreamwalker body looks similar to the Na'vi body.
1107 ulte: conj. and (clausal conjunction) Sunu oeru tinan ulte poeru sunu fwa pamrel si. I like reading and she likes writing.
1106 txur: adj. strong (physically) Lu po tutan atxur. He is a strong man.
1105 txumtsä'wll: n. Baja tickler, poisonsquirting plant Ma 'eveng, rä'ä lok tsatxumtsä'wllit; tsaw lu lehrrap! Child, don't approach that Baja tickler; it's dangerous!
1104 txumpaywll: n. scorpion thistle, poison water plant Yayori 'ur fkan na txumpaywll. There is a bird that looks like the scorpion thistle.
1103 txum: n. poison Peyä aylì'u lu txumna. His words are like poison.
1102 txula: vtr. build, construct Oeyä kelkut oel txayula fa ayskxe. I will build my house with stones.
1101 txopu: n. fear Ke lu poru kea txopu. He has no fear.
1100 txokefyaw: conj. if not, or else, otherwise Zene nga karyur tivìng mikyun txokefyaw ke'uri nga ke nayume. You must listen to the teacher otherwise you will learn nothing,
1099 txoa: n. forgiveness Ke lu txoa hapxì ran peyä. Forgiveness is not in his nature.
1098 txo: conj. if Srake ngal oehu yivom wutsoti txo oel 'ivem syuvet ngafpi? Would you eat a meal with me if I cooked the food for you.
1097 txll'u: n. hookagourd Fìtsngalit fkol ngop ta vul txll'uä. This cup is made of a hookagourd branch.
1096 txìng: vtr. leave, abandon Oel ngati kawkrr ke txasyìng. I will never leave you.
1095 txey: v. halt Txo ke txivey ye'rìn po tsakrr ayoel pot tayatep. If he does not halt soon, we will be lost.
1094 txewk: n. club (weapon) Po wä kutu sneyä wolem fa txewk apxa. He fought against his enemy with a large club.
1093 txep: n. fire Oel txepit skola'a fa pay. I put out the fire with water.
1092 txen: adj. awake Set oe lu txen. I am awake now.
1091 txele: n. matter (subject) Moel tsatxelet layawk trray. We will talk about that matter tomorrow.
1090 txantslusam: adj. wise Fa aykeyey suteyä alahe, pumit sngeyä tutanìl atxantslusam zeyko. From the errors of others, a wise man corrects his own.
1089 txan: adj. much Yola krr, txana krr, ke tsranten. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. (Paul Frommer:Naviteri.org, Spoken by Karyu Pawl ) wotd_1089.mp3
1088 tsyorina'wll: n. cycad, flour seed plant Awngal stivarsìm ayrina'it tsyorina'wllä fte tsyoti ngivop. Let's collect the seeds of the cycad in order to create flour.
1087 tsyal: n. wing Torukur lu aysyal atxantur. The Great Leonopteryx has powerful wings.
1086 tswayon: vin. fly Ngahu oe tswayayeion. I will happily fly with you.
1085 tsun: vim. can, be able Oe tsun tsakem sivi. I can do that.
1084 tstxo: n. name Po smon fkoru fa tstxo apxay. He is known by many names.
1083 tsranten: vin. matter, be of importance Fì'u oeru tsranten nìtxan. This means a lot to me.
1082 tspang: vtr. kill Swiräti oel ke tspang ngafpi txo ke yiyevom tsat moel I won't kill a creature for you if we are not going to eat it.
1081 tsnì: sbd. that (function word) Ätxäle si tsnì livu oheru Uniltaron. I respectfully request the Dreamhunt. (Paul Frommer: from Naviteri.org)
1080 tsmuktu: n. sibling Ke lu poru kea aysmuktu. He has no siblings.
1079 tslolam: intj. get it, I understand Ke tslolatsam. I didn’t quite understand. OR I may not have understood. (Paul Frommer: from Naviteri.org)
1078 tsleng: adj. FALSE Ngaru oel ke piveng tìngayit atsleng. I would not lie to you.
1077 tslam: vtr. understand Oel ke tslam säfpìlit peyä. I don't understand his idea.
1076 tskxekeng: n. training, exercise Lu tskxekeng sìltsan ngafpi. Exercise is good for you.
1075 tskxe: n. rock, stone Fìtskxel oeru zamolunge etrìpa syayvit nìtxan This stone has brought me a lot of good luck.
1074 tsko swizaw: n. bow and arrow Oel kin tsko swizawit fte tivaron ngahu. I need a bow and arrow to hunt with you.
1073 tskalep: n. crossbow Oel mipa tskalepti new. I want a new crossbow.
1072 tsengpe: inter. where Tsengpene kivä moe? Where are we going?
1071 yayo: n. bird Fìfneyayol tsrulit txula mì songropx utralä fte aylinit hivawnu wä sarnioang. Fìtìkanìri ropx ke ha’. This kind of bird builds its nest in a tree cavity so as to protect its young from predators. For this purpose, a hole going right through the tree trunk isn’t suitable. (Paul Frommer:Naviteri.org, Spoken by Karyu Pawl ) wotd_1071.mp3
1070 tseng / tsenge: n. place Tsun oe ngahu tsatsengene kivä, slä nulnew futa sivop oeng nìtxiluke. I can go there with you, but I prefer to travel leisurely. (Paul Frommer: from Naviteri.org)
1069 tsawlapxangrr: n. unidelta tree, lit. tall large root Tsun kosmana auti txivula fko fa vul tsawlapxangrrä. You can make a wonderful drum from a unidelta tree branch.
1068 tsawl: adj. big (in size), tall Lu na'rìngur tsawla utral apxay. The forest has many tall trees.
1067 tsawke: n. sun Txanatan sì sang tsawkeyä atanvi lu fìtrr. The sun's rays are bright and warm today.
1066 tsatu: dem. that person Lu tsatu lekye'ung. That person is insane.
1065 tsatseng: dem., n. there, that place Ketsran tsengne nga kivä, kä oe tsatseng nìteng. Wherever you go, I’ll go there too. (Paul Frommer:Naviteri.org, Spoken by Karyu Pawl ) wotd_1065.mp3
1064 tsap'alute: n. apology Ngeyä tsap'alutet ayoel mll'eian. We happily accept your apology.
1063 tsampongu: n. war party Lu tsatsamsiyu le’awa hapxìtu tsamponguä a mal lu moer. That warrior is the only member of the war party that we both trust. (Paul Frommer: from Naviteri.org)
1062 tsakrr: dem. then, at that time Txo zivup tompa, tsakrr ke tsun oe kivä. If it’s raining, then I can’t go. (Paul Frommer:Naviteri.org, Spoken by Karyu Pawl ) wotd_1062.mp3
1061 tsakem: dem. that (action) Tsakemìl txopu sleyku oeti. That action scared me.
1060 tsaheylu: n. bond (neural connection) Sätswayon a’awve tsaheylur hasey si; ke tsun nga pivey. First flight seals the bond; you cannot wait. (Paul Frommer: from Naviteri.org)
1059 tsa'u: dem. that (thing) Fìfkxen alu FÌ’u lu ftxìlor; tsafkxen (or: pum) alu TSA’u ngati tspang. THIS vegetable is delicious; THAT one will kill you. (Paul Frommer: from Naviteri.org)
1058 tsa: prefix that Smon oeru tsatì'efu. I know that feeling.
1057 tuté: n. female (person) Lu Pale tuté. Pale is female.
1056 tut: part. continuation marker Lu oe ohakx, nga tut? I am hungry, what about you?
1055 tupe: inter. who Kaltxì. Ngenga lu tupe? Hi. Who are you? (Paul Frommer: from Naviteri.org)
1054 tung: v. allow Oe ke tsun tivung! I cannot allow (it)! (Note: this word's transitivity has not yet been confirmed this example may change in the future)
1053 tul: vin. run Oe tarmul. I was running.
1052 torukspxam: n. octoshroom, great leonopteryx fungus Pori uniltaronmaw, tsanaerit a fkol ngop fa ngrr torukspxamä tìng por. After his Dream Hunt, give him the tea made from octoshroom root.
1051 toruk makto: n. toruk rider Toruk Makto polähem a fì’u rolo’a nìtxan Omatikayaru. The arrival of Toruk Makto made a great impression on the Omatikaya. (Paul Frommer: from Naviteri.org)
1050 to: part. comparative marker than (behaves like an adp.) Po oeto tsawl lu. He is taller than me.
1049 tìtxur: n. strength, power Lekin lu tìtxur, lu tìtstew. Slä letsranten frato lu tìmal. Strength and courage are necessary. But most important of all is trustworthiness. (Paul Frommer: from Naviteri.org)
1048 tìspxin: n. the state of being ill, sickness Tsatìspxin lu fe' That sickness is bad.
1047 tìrol: n. song (vocal) Lora tìrolit pol ramol ayoeru. She sang a beautiful song to us.
1046 tìrey: n. life Oeri tìrey lu teya ta sute a yawne lu oer. My life is filled with people that I love.
1045 tìyawn: n. love Kin awngal tìyawnit nì’aw. Love is all we need.
1044 tìpawm: n. question Ngeyä tìpawmit oel ke tslam. I do not understand your question.
1043 tìngay: n. truth Fratxeleri lu tìngay letsim. In everything there is a unique truth.
1042 tìng nari: vin. look Tskxeru alor oe teiyìng nari txankrr. I looked at the beautiful stone for a long time.
1041 tìng: vtr. give Stxelit oeyä sempulìl tamìng oeru. My father gave me a gift.
1040 tìlor: n. beauty Evenganìl lok ’orat ulte fpìl teri tìlor kifkeyä. Fìpori a syaw fko Zuvo lrrtok si Eywa. The boy approaches a lake and thinks about the beauty of the world. Eywa smiles upon this one, who is called Zuvo. (Passage from Tirea Aean's Txon Eywa’evengä, found on Naviteri )
1039 tìkin: n. need Peyä frrnenur lu tìkin apxay Her babies have many needs.
1038 tìkenong: n. example Sweya tìkenongìri ke lu kea tìkin a fko oeyktìng. The best example requires no explanation.
1037 tìkangkem: n. work Ngeyä tìkangkemìri ’efeiu oe ye nìtxan. Seysonìltsan! I’m very satisfied with your work. Well done! (Paul Frommer: from Naviteri.org)
1036 tìhawnu: n. protection Tìhawnut rolun oel sre fwa sngolä’i yrrap. I found protection before the storm began.
1035 tìfyawìntxu: n. guidance Tìfyawìntxuri karyuä perey awnga nìwotx. We all are waiting for the teacher's guidance.
1034 tìftang: n. stopping, the glottal stop Pori lì’upam leNa’vi lu ngäzìk fwa tslam taluna tìftang lu meyp nìhawng. His Na’vi pronunciation is hard to understand because his glottal stops are too weak.
1033 tìfmetok: n. test Tìfmetokit ke emzola'ängu pol. He did not pass the test.
1032 tì'eyng: n. answer, response Tì'eyng a fwerew ngal ke tsun fko rivun fìtsenge. The answer you are searching for, can not be found here.
1031 tireapängkxo: v. commune Eywahu tireapängkxeio Na'vi fte tìfyawìntxut tivel. The Na'vi commune with Ewya in order to receive guidance.
1030 tireaioang: n. spirit animal Ngeyä Tireaioang zola'u a krr, law layu ngaru. When your Spirit Animal comes, you will know. (Lit.: At the time that your Spirit Animal has come, it will be clear to you.) (Paul Frommer: example from Learnnavi.org Canon wiki)
1029 tirea: n. spirit Peyä tirea tivul Eywahu. May his spirit run with Eywa.
1028 tewti: intj. wow, expression of surprise and pleasure Tewti, nga lu tsulfätu i’enä. Ngal tsat reykìmol! Wow, you are a master on the i’en. You just made it sing! (Paul Frommer: from Naviteri.org)
1027 teya: adj. full Eo ayfo a fya’o lamu ayskxeta teya sì renulke. The path ahead of them was full of rocks and irregular. (Paul Frommer:Naviteri.org, Spoken by Karyu Pawl ) wotd_1027.mp3
1026 teswotìng: vtr. grant (ii) Pxeätxäleti oel ngaru teswotayeiyìng. I will happily grant you 3 requests.
1025 terkup: vin. die Tolerkup po tengkrr kìte'e seiyi olo'ur sneyä. He died while he served his clan.
1024 teri: adp. about, concerning Skxakep fpìl ngal futa fìtìrol ngateri lu. You probably think this song is about you.
1023 tengkrr: conj. while, same time as Tengkrr hu palukantsyìp uvan seri zolìm oel mì sa’leng a ’uot a lu txa’ sì ekxtxu. While playing with my cat I felt something hard and rough on his skin. (Paul Frommer:Naviteri.org, Spoken by Karyu Pawl ) wotd_1023.mp3
1022 tengfya: conj. as, same way as (situational similarity) Sunu oeru fwa makto pa'lit tengfya sunu poru fwa makto ikranti. Just as I like to ride a direhorse, he likes to ride an ikran.
1021 teng: adj. same, equal Furia taron, tsaysaronyul tok yìti ateng. Those hunters are equally good at hunting.
1020 telem: n. cord Ayselemti oel 'awsiteng toläftxu fte txurtelit ngivop. I wove cords together to make rope.
1019 tel: vtr. receive Fmawnti asìltsan pol tolel tsmukanteri sneyä. He received good news concerning his brother.
1018 te: part. used in full names Fko syaw poru Neytiri te Tskaha Mo'at'ite. Her name is Neytiri Te Tskaha Mo'at'ite.
1017 Tawtute: prop.n. Skyperson, human Lì’fyari leNa’vi tsatawtutel tok peyìt? How is that Skyperson’s Na’vi?
1016 tawtsngal: n. panopyra, sky cup Na'vil sar payti a tawtsngalta fte ngivop naerit a zeyko. The Na'vi use water from the panopyra as a healing drink.
1015 tawng: vin. duck, dive Pone toruk tolawng. The Great Leonopteryx dove towards him.
1014 tawsìp: n. skyship Tawtuteyä tawsìp lu na vrrtep a mì saw. The skyperson's skyship is like a demon in the sky.
1013 taweyka: conj. because, based on the cause Oe lu txur taweyka tskxekeng si oe fratrr. I am strong because I exercise daily.
1012 kesran: adj. so-so, mediocre Ayoe ke hum taluna kesrana yafkeyk lamängu wrrpa. The weather was so-so outside today, so we did not leave.
1011 tautral: n. sky tree Oengal sivar rìkit tautralä fte ngivop säzärìpit ko. Lets use sky tree leaf to make a headcollar.
1010 taronyu: n. hunter Lu oe taronyu sempulna oeyä. I am a hunter like my father.
1009 tanhì: n. star, bioluminescent freckle Oel tse'a pxaya tanhìt a txanatan sì tawmì. I see many bright stars in the sky.
1008 tam tam: intj. calm, be content, there there Tam tam ma 'evi, frawzo set. There there child, all is well now.
1007 tam: vin., intj. that will suffice, that will do, OK Fìpamtseoturi ke layu ftue fwa run fkol särawnit a tam. It won’t be easy to find a satisfactory replacement for this musician. (Paul Frommer: from Naviteri.org)
1006 taluna: conj. because, from the reason Taluna vospxìo amrr ke zolup tompa, längu yì kilvanä tìm nìtxan. Because it hasn’t rained for five months, the river level is very low. wotd_1006.mp3
1005 talioang: n. sturmbeest Oel snatalioangit kilvanlok tsole'a. I saw a group of sturmbeest near the river.
1004 takuk: vtr. strike Nga skxeoti tsun tivakuk fngapur fte ngivop txepti You can strike some rocks to metal in order to make fire.
1003 täftxuyu: n. weaver Lora fìsräti tsatäftxuyul toläftxu. This beautiful cloth was woven by that weaver. wotd_1003.mp3
1002 täftxu: vtr. weave Furia täftxu ngal tok yìpet? How’s your weaving? (Paul Frommer:Naviteri.org, Spoken by Karyu Pawl )
1001 tafral: adv. therefore, because of that Tsun Txilte pamrelit ivinan; tafral pukot anutx munge fratseng. Txilte knows how to read; therefore she brings a thick book wherever she goes. (Paul Frommer: from Naviteri.org)
1000 ta'em: adv. from above Neytiriyä ikran zola'u ta'em krra poe syaw poru. Neytiri's ikran came down from above when she called to her.
999 ta: adp. from (locative), from (temporal sense with other time words) Tsaungia ta Ewya lolu. That sign was from Eywa.
998 syaw: vin. call Pefya fko syaw ngaru? What is your name? ( lit: How does one call to you?)
997 swotu: n. sacred place Lu Vitrautral swotu. The Tree of Souls is a sacred place.
996 swok: adj. sacred Tsautral lu swok Na'viru. That tree is sacred to the Na'vi.
995 swirä: n. creature Pefnel lolu tsaswirä? What kind of creature was that?
994 stum: adv. almost Oel uvanit stum snolaytx Neytiriwä. I almost lost the game against Neytiri.
993 steftxaw: vtr. examine, check Fìketuwongti oel stìyeftxaw. I will examin this alien.
992 stawm: vtr. hear Oel ke'uti ke stolawm mungwrr hufwe. I heard nothing except for the wind.
991 srung: n. help, assistance Ngeyä srungìri irayo seiyi oe. Thank you for your help.
990 srew: vin. dance Zun tompa zìyevup trray, zel fo srew If it rained tomorrow, they’d do a dance. (Paul Frommer:Naviteri.org, Spoken by Karyu Pawl ) wotd_990.mp3
989 srane: part., intj. yes Srane, pol tayok txewti na'rìngä trray. Yes, he will be at the edge of the forest tomorrow.
988 srake: part. inter. marker for yes or no questions Srake pol layok txewti na'rìngä? Will he approach the edge of the forest? (Paul Frommer: from Naviteri.org)
987 srak: part. inter. marker for yes or no questions Ngaru lu fpom srak? You are well yes/no? ( Lit: You have wellbeing?)
986 spxin: adj. sick Layu nga spxin txo ngal tsaspxamit yivom. You will be sick if you eat that mushroom.
985 spe'etu: n. captive Peyä spe'etu holifwo trram. His captive escaped last night.
984 spxam: n. mushroom, fungus Lu tsaspxam ketsukyom. That mushroom is inedible.
983 spaw: vtr. believe Oel ngati spaw. I believe you.
982 somtìlor: n. popsicle, hot beauty Lu somtìlorur txana tìsang sì opin atxanatan slä fì'ewllit kawtul ke srätx a fì'u koren lu hrraptalun. Hot Beauty has much warmth and bright colors but as a rule nobody bothers this plant because of danger.
981 som: adj. hot Oel new naerit asom. I want a hot drink.
980 snumìna: adj. dim Fpolìl karyul futa ke tslolatsam numeyul tìpawmit taluna peyä tì'eyng asnumìna. The teacher thought the student may not have understood the question because of his dim answer.
979 sngä'ikrr: n. beginning, starting time Ta sngä'ikrr tìfmetokä sneyä tì'i'avay zene fnivu nga. From the beginning of the test until its end, you must be quiet.
978 sngä'i: vim. begin, start Oehu po sngayä'i tìkangkem sivi zìsìtay. He will begin working with me next year.
977 slu: vin. become (noun predicate with ne in ambiguous constructions) Numeyu slu ne karyu. The student becomes a teacher.
976 skxawng: n. moron, idiot Ke'uri fìskxawng ke nayume. This moron will learn nothing.
975 sìlpey: vin. hope (with tsnì for thing hoped, unless in independent clause) (ii) Sìlpey oe tsnì nga oehu kivä. I hope that you will go with me
974 sìk: adv. unquote Pesengftu frrtu za'u sìk polawm po. He asked where the visitor was from.
973 : conj. and (connects two things, can be attached as sì: for clauses use) Tìrusol za'u ne oe sì tsmuke oeyä nì'eng. My sister and I share an interest in singing.
972 si: vin. auxiliary verb, postpositional nonbound verb do, make Mìftxele, Fkol fyape sar fìtrrä lì'uti? Rutxe, inan 'upxareti le'Ìnglìsì. How is today's word used? Please read the English message. *This word is in the dictionary ONLY to help with understanding the SI verbs. You can't use this to Make/DO something that doesn't already have "{Verb} SI" in the dictionary.*
971 seze: n. blue flower Seze lu fnesyulang aean , ulte lu kop fya'o a fko Neytiriyä ikranur syaw. Seze is a kind of blue flower. and is as also the what you call Neytiri's banshee.
970 sevin: adj. pretty Lu oeyä muntxate sevin nìftxan. My wife is so beautiful.
969 set: adv. now Set omum oel lì'uti alahe. Now I know another word.
968 sempul: n. father Peyä sempul lu karyu oeyä. His father is my teacher.
967 sempu: n. daddy (affectionate form of) Ma Sempu, oe tsun tivaron ngahu trray srak? Daddy, May I hunt with you tomorrow?
966 säspxin: n. disease, sickness, illness Po tolerkup talun säspxin. He died due to an illness.
965 sänume: n. teaching, instruction Tsasänume eltur tìtxen sami. That instruction was interesting.
964 san: adv. saying, quote Poe poltxe poru san Lu ngaru txe'lan aseykxel. Kea txopu. She said to him "You have a strong heart. No fear. "
963 sa'nu: n. mum, mommy (affectionate form of) Oeyä sa'nu akosman tolìng oeru stxeliti fìtrr. My terrific mum gave me a gift today.
962 sa'nok: n. mother Pol meyam Sa'nokit sneyä srekrr holum po. He hugged his mother before he left.
961 run: vtr. find, discover Lì'fyari amip krra nerume fko zene rivun mipa ayfya'oti fte 'uot pivlltxe When learning a new language, one must find new ways in order to say something.
960 rumut: n. ball tree Rumutä ayrìk tsun seyki syuveru sur awip. The leaf of the Ball tree can make food taste salty
959 rum: n. ball Nari si tsarumlok taluna tsaw pxatsor. Be careful near to that ball because that thing might explode.
958 ronsem: n. mind Oeyä ronsemmì lu oe nawma tsamsiyu. In my mind I am a great warrior.
957 rol: v. sing Awnga rol fte kivame. Kame fte rivol. Rerol tengkrr kerä ìlä fya’o avol ne kxamtseng. We sing to See. We See to sing. We sing our way down the eight paths to the center.
956 riti: n. stingbat Ke lu riti kanu taluna po slu smar ayikranä Stingbats are not smart, because of this they become prey of banshees
955 rina': n. seed Fìrina' slayu utral anawn trro. This seed will become a great tree someday.
954 rikx: vin. move, shift position Po ralmikx nìwin fte 'ivawnìm ayskxe. He moved fast in order to avoid the falling rocks.
953 rey: vin. live Fko ke tsun rivey tutena alahe luke fwa po smon fkoru. One can not live like another person without knowing them.
952 renu: n. pattern Pol tsole'a renuti ayfìwopxmì. He saw a pattern in the clouds.
951 reltseo: n. visual art Tsareltseo koak to nga. That painting is older than you.
950 rawke: intj. alarm cry, call to defense Oel stolawm rawketi awok trram. I heard a loud alarm cry last night
949 ralpeng: vtr. interpret (ii) Tsahikìl ralpayeng ralit tsaungiayä. The Spiritual leader will interpret the meaning of that sign.
948 ral: n. meaning Fì'uri peral? What is the meaning of this.
947 rä'ä: part. do not (for negative imperatives, commands only) Txopu rä'ä si ma tsamsiyu. Don’t be afraid warrior.
946 pxorna': n. episoth, exploding seed Porna' tsun livu syuveyä tsim Exploding seeds can be a food source.
945 pxiut: n. razor palm, sharp tree Fkol rusola aysräti ngop ta pxiutä ayrìk. Singing Cloths are created with razor palm leaves.
944 pxìm: adv. often Oe za'u fìtsenge pxìm . I come here often.
943 pxay: adj. many Oel nalmume mipa aylì'ut apxay fìtseng. I have learned many new words here.
942 pxasul: adj. fresh, appealing as food Sunu oeru pxasula ayfkxenä fahew. I like the smell of fresh vegetables.
941 pxasìk: intj. screw that!, no way! (vulgar) PXASÌK! Oe ke salew nì'awve! NO WAY! I am not going first!
940 pxan: adj. worthy Wätu apxan ke lu poan. He is not a worthy opponent.
939 prrte': adj. pleasurable (of an activity) Lameiu oeru tìpängkxo aprrte' 'eylanhu akoak. I had a pleasurable conversation with an old friend.
938 prrnesyul: n. bud Tsaprrnesyul slayu syulang alor. That bud will become a beautiful flower.
937 prrnen: n. infant, baby Prrnen tìng nari kifkeyur menarifa amip A baby looks at the world with new eyes
936 pongu: n. group of people, party Apxa pongul frrfen fratrr fìtsengit. A large group of people visit here every day.
935 plltxe: v. speak Plltxe 'eylan angay fa txe'lan. A True friend speaks from the heart.
934 pizayu: n. ancestor Awngeyä ayfizayuru lamu reyfya afyin. Our ancestors had a much simpler way of life.
933 pey: vin. wait, wait for Fì'uri oe poley txankrr. I waited a long time for this.
932 peu: inter. what (thing) oel ke omum teyngta poru 'upe tìng. I don't know what to give him.
931 pesu: inter. who Pesu ziva'u oehu Iknimayane? Who will come with me to Iknimaya?
930 peseng: inter. where Peseng yayom moe fìtrr? Where will we eat today?
929 penghrrap: n. binary sunshine, fringed lamp Penghrrapìri, ayrìkä 'opin lu aungia a ftxey satsim hrrap fuke. Regarding Binary Sunshine, the color of the leaves is a sign whether or not danger might be nearby.
928 pelun: inter. why Pelun zene oe fìkem sivi? Why must I do this?
927 pehrr: inter. when Tsaultxari pehrr? When is that meeting?
926 pehem: inter. what (action) Oel omum teyngta hayalo kempe sivi. I know what to do next time.
925 pefya: inter. how Pefya ngaru tsun srung sivi oe? How can I help you?
924 pe'un: vtr. decide Pol pe'un futa ftxey ngati tspivang fuke. He is deciding whether or not to kill you.
923 paywll: n. water plant, dapophet Ayrìk paywllä tsun zeykivo ta'lengit ngeyä. Leaves of the water plant can heal your skin.
922 pawm: vin. ask Polawm po, Neytiri kä pesengne? He asked where Neytiri was going. Literally: He asked, saying, “Where is Neytiri going?” Source: (Paul Frommer: from Naviteri.org)
921 pänutìng: vtr. promise (a thing to someone) (ii) Ngal polänutìng futa ke kivä tsatseng nga. You promised me you wouldn't go to that place.
920 pamtseowll: n. cat ear, music plant Pamtseowllìri tsun fko payfa pamit leykivatem The Music plant's sound can be changed with water.
919 palulukan: n. thanator Oel tsole'a futa Neytiril merakto Palulukanit. I saw Neytiri riding a Thanator.
918 olo'eyktan: n. clan leader Eytukan lu Omatikayayä olo'eyktan. Eytukan is the clan leader of the Omatikaya.
917 nguway: n. howl, viperwolf cry JakeSullyìl stolawm aynguwayit nantangä txonmì Jake Sully heard viperwolf howls in the night.
916 ngrr: n. root Lu Tsautralur ayngrr apxa. That tree has large roots.
915 ngay: adj. TRUE Tsavur lu ngay. That story is true.
914 ngawng: n. worm Sunu yayoru futa yerom ayngawng. Birds like eating worms.
913 nume: vin. learn Lahea lì'uri oe nume trray. I will learn another word tomorrow.
912 nìwin: adv. fast Tsawl slu nìwin tsa'evenge That child is growing fast.
911 nìtut: adv. continually Po tìkangkem sarmi nìtut vay kaym. He worked continually until late afternoon.
910 nìteng: adv. too, also, as well, likewise Eywa ngahu livu nìteng. May Eywa be with you as well.
909 nìtam: adv. enough (after an adjective) Ohakx 'efu mi oe taluna syuveti ke yom nìtam oel. I am still hungry because I did not eat enough.
908 nìngay: adv. truly Set plltxe nga nìltsan nìngay. Fìsätsan’ulìri ngeyä lu oeru sko haryu nrra. You speak really well now. As your teacher, I’m proud of your improvement. (Paul Frommer:Naviteri.org, Spoken by Karyu Pawl ) wotd_908.mp3
907 nìhawng: adv. too, excessively Plltxe nìhawng nga. You talk too much.
906 nìayoeng: adv. like us, as we do (casual speech [naj.wEN]) Nìayoeng po ke fpìl. He doesn't think like us.
905 nì'awve: adv. first Zene nga nivume nì'awve fte tivìran sre fwa tsun tivul. You must first learn to walk before you can run.
904 nì'awtu: adv. alone (as one person) Fìkem ke sayi nga nì'awtu You will not do this thing alone.
903 nìawnomum: adv. as you know, as is known (casual speech [naw.no.mum]) Nìawnomum, lu fì'ewll lehrrap. As you know, this plant is dangerous.
902 nì'aw: adv. only ke tsun ayoeng nawma hem sivi, ki nì'aw hì'ia hem sivi tìyawnfa anawm. We can do no great things, only small things with great love.
901 niä: vtr. grab Pol noliä tskoti sre fwa taron. He grabbed his bow before hunting
900 new: vtrm. want New oel futa lì'fyari leNa'vi frapo nivume. I want everyone to learn Na'vi.
899 neto: adv. away (direction) Tsa'ewllftu neto rikx taluna lu lehrrap! Move away from that plant because it's dangerous!
898 ne'ìm: adv. back (direction) Nga sweylu txo ne'ìm txewftu 'awkxä rivikx txokefyaw nga zivup. You should move back from the cliff's edge or else you may fall.
897 ne: adp. to, towards (direction) Palulukan tamul moene. The thanator ran torwards us.
896 nawm: adj. great, noble Po tsamsiyu anawm lu. He is a great warrior.
895 nari si: vin. watch out, be careful Rutxe nari sivi! Ngal tìmungzup tsatskxeti stum sìn kxetse oeyä. Please be careful! You almost dropped that rock on my tail.
894 nari: n. eye Teri tutan a poru nì'aw lu 'awa nari a vurit stolawm 'awlie oel. I heard a fantastic story once about a man with only one eye.
893 nantang: n. viperwolf Caniferratus costatus, striped armored wolf Lu tsanantang koak fìlapoto. That viperwolf is older than this other one.
892 Na'vi: prop.n. the People, indigenous Pandoran sentient race Na'vil 'okrolit sneyä peng aywayfa. The Na'vi tell their history with ceremoniously sung songs.
891 na'rìng: n. forest Oel na'rìngnemfa poti nolong. I followed him into the forest.
890 na: adp. like, as Prrnenna nga lu. You are like a baby.
889 muntxa: adj. mated, married Lolu mefo muntxa takrra zìsìtam. They have been married since last year.
888 mungwrr: adp. except Pxaya 'uti omum oel mungwrr teynga fyape fkol ngop txepit. I know many things except for how to make fire.
887 munge: vtr. take, bring Molunge pol oeru tsngalit a teya soli pxìrfa He brought me a cup of beer.
886 mun'i: v. cut Matsati Oel tstalfa molun'i. I cut the bread with a knife.
885 muiä: adj. proper, fair, right, justified Ke lu tsakoren amuiä! That rule is not fair!
884 mokri: n. voice Poe flrra mokrifa poltxe. She spoke with a gentle voice.
883 moe: pn. we two, us two (exclusive) Lameiu moeru tìpängkxo a 'uteri apxay. We had a conversation about many things.
882 mllte: vin. agree Oe mllte ngahu. I agree with you.
881 mìso: adv. away (position) Trray mìso latsu oe. I might be away tomorrow.
880 mìn: vin. turn, rotate on an axis meykivìn fì'ut fte snivew txurtelit. You must turn this thing in order to tighten the rope.
879 : adp. in, on Mì sasna'o tstalit ngeyä rasyun You will find your knife in that pile.
878 mip: adj. new Lu oeru tsko amip. I have a new bow.
877 mi: adv. yet, still, as before Oel ke rolun mi tskoti oeyä I still haven't found my bow.
876 meyp: adj. weak Po zene kivä Narikxamlä Eywayä ulte tivätxaw. Slä, ma Jakesully, po nìtxan meyp längu. She must pass through the eye of Eywa and return. But, Jakesully, she is very weak.
875 meuia: n. honor Furia ngal tok fìtsengit awngaru meuia leiu nìwotx That you are here, honors us all.
874 menari: n. eyes (two) Menariri ngeyä 'ur fkan oeru aysanhìna. Your eyes look like stars to me.
873 mefo: pn. they, those two Mefoti yìm utralur. Bind them to the tree.
872 mawey: adj. calm Hufweytsìp a lu mawey sì wur atxkxeka tarmìran. A calm cool little breeze was blowing across the land
871 makto: vtr. ride Pa'lit oel molakteio fìtrr. I rode a direhorse today.
870 ma: part. O (vocative marker) Ma Tsu'tey. Kempe si nga? Tsu'tey, What are you doing?
869 lumpe: inter. why Lumpe ngal fìtsengit tok? Why are you here?
868 lun: n. reason Lunit ke kin oel. I don't need a reason
867 lrrtok si: vin. smile Sa’nok nìnrra lrrtok soli krra prrnen alo a’awve poltxe. The mother smiled with pride when the baby spoke for the first time. (from Naviteri.org)
866 lrrtok: n. smile Ngeyä lrrtok lor lu nìtxan. Your smile is beautiful.
865 loreyu: n. helicoradian, beautiful spiral Fkol tsun ngivop tsamopinìt ta ayrìk Loreyuä Warpaint can be made from Helicoradian leaves.
864 lor: adj. beautiful, pleasant to the senses Fìsyulangit syam. Fahew lor lu nìtxan, kefyak? Smell this flower. Its fragrance is beautiful, isn’t it? (Paul Frommer:Naviteri.org, Spoken by Karyu Pawl )
863 lonu: vtr. release, let go OEYÄ KXETSETI LONU! LET GO OF MY TAIL!
862 lì'fya: n. language Sunu oeru fìlì'fya. I like this language.
861 letrr: adj. daily Letrra wutso oeyä lasyu kxamtrrmì. My daily meal will be at noon.
860 lertu: n. colleague Ngaru oeyä lertut. Allow me to introduce my colleague. (from Naviteri.org)
859 lefpom: adj. happy, peaceful, joyous, pleasant Rewon lefpom ma frapo. Pleasant morning everyone.
858 law: adj. clear, certain Rutxe fìtìoeyktìngit tsan’eykivul. Ke lu law kaw’it. Please improve this explanation. It’s not at all clear. (Paul Frommer:Naviteri.org, Spoken by Karyu Pawl ) wotd_858.mp3
857 lapo: pn. other one person or thing Sunu poru fìtukru lapoto. He likes this spear more than the other one.
856 lahe: adj. other, else Tsatsawlultxari alu SETIkon a2ve, nolume oe nìtxan teri tìtsunslu tìreyä a hifkeymì alahe. At the SETIcon II conference I learned a lot about the possibility of life on other worlds. (From Naviteri)
855 kxeyey: n. error, mistake Hufwa ngeyä tìhawlìri ke lu kea kxeyey, tsalsungay oeru ke ha’ nìtam. Although there’s nothing wrong with your plan, it just doesn’t suit me. wotd_855.mp3
854 kxener: n. smoke Ngerop nìhawng kxenerit fìtxepìl This fire is making too much smoke.
853 kxawm: adv. perhaps, maybe Txo nga ätxäle si tsakrr kxawm kiyevä pol ngahu She might go with you if you ask.
852 kxam: n. middle, midpoint Tsukyom nì'aw lu tsa'ewllä kxam. Only the middle of that plant can be eaten.
851 kunsìp: n. gunship Kelutralìt sawtutel ayhunsìpfa skama'änga. The skypeople destroyed hometree with gunships.
850 krrpe: inter. when Ngari snomot krrpe vezeyko, ma ’itan? When are you going to organize your room, son? (Paul Frommer:Naviteri.org, Spoken by Karyu Pawl ) wotd_850.mp3
849 krrnekx: vin. take/consume time (ii) Tsaw krrnatsekx. That may take some time.
848 ko: part. solicit agreement Set yivom ko. Let's eat now.
847 kllte: n. ground Nari si! Klltesìn lu pay atxan. Fwi rä’ä! Be careful! There’s a lot of water on the ground. Don’t slip! (Paul Frommer:Naviteri.org, Spoken by Karyu Pawl ) wotd_847.mp3
846 kllpxìltu: n. territory Lu fìatxkxe kllpxìltu oeyä. This land is my territory.
845 kllfro': svin. be responsible Ngeyä tìnuiri nì'aw nga kllfro'. Only you are responsible for your failure.
844 kìte'e: n. service Pol awngaru tamìng kìte'eti alu tìhawnu kelkuä awngeyä. He gave service to us by defending our home.
843 kip: adp. among Vay fwa zola’u TsyeykSuli, Toruk Makto alu pizayu Neytiriyä txanrarmo’a frato kip ayhapxìtu Omatikayaä. Until Jake Sully arrived, Neytiri’s ancestor was the most famous Toruk Makto among the Omatikaya. [lit.: ‘the Toruk Makto that was Neytiri’s ancestor was the most famous . . .’] (Paul Frommer: Naviteri.org )
842 kin: vtr. need Po ’efu ngeyn ulte kin tìrawnit nìtxan. He is tired and very much needs to be replaced. ( Paul Frommer: Naviteri.org )
841 keye'ung: n. insanity Fì'u keye'ung längu! This is insanity!
840 kewong: adj. alien Lam oeru tsapam kewong. That sound is alien to me.
839 kerusey: adj. dead Tsatxeptsengmì längu ayutral akerusey nì’aw. Sadly, there are only dead trees where the fire has been. (Paul Frommer: Naviteri.org )
838 kenong: v. model, represent, exemplify (ii) Rutxe, nga kivenong nìltsan aylaru. Please set a good example to the others.
837 kempe: inter. what (action) Tsatìoeyktìng ayayayrnga’ srung ke soli oer fte tslivam teyngta kempe zene sivi. That confusing explanation didn’t help me understand what I have to do. (Paul Frommer:Naviteri.org, Spoken by Karyu Pawl ) wotd_837.mp3
836 kem: n. thing (action), deed Kea kem leyewla rä’ä si, rutxe. Please don’t let me down. (Paul Frommer:Naviteri.org, Spoken by Karyu Pawl ) wotd_836.mp3
835 kelku si: vin. live, dwell Awnga kelku si nuä ayram alusìng. We live beyond the flying mountains.( Paul Frommer: Naviteri.org )
834 kelku: n. home, house Awngal tok kelkut. Nìkmar zup tompa set. We’re home. Now is a good time for it to be raining. ( Paul Frommer: Naviteri.org )
833 ke'u: pn., adv. not a thing, nothing at all, not at all Oeri ke'u lu poan. He is nothing to me.
832 ke: adv. not Zun ayoe livu tsamsiyu, zel tsakem ke simvi. ‘If we were warriors, we wouldn’t have done that.’ (but we’re not, and we did) (Paul Frommer:Naviteri.org, Spoken by Karyu Pawl ) wotd_832.mp3
831 kawtu: pn. noone Sìn yì a ke tsun kawtu spivaw, nìwin frato He runs at an incredible level, faster than anyone else. (Paul Frommer:Naviteri.org, Spoken by Karyu Pawl ) wotd_831.mp3
830 kawkrr: adv. never Tsatsenge lehrrap lu fìtxan kuma tsane ke kä awnga kawkrr. That place is so dangerous we never go there. (Paul Frommer: Naviteri.org )
829 karyu: n. teacher Nga zene aylì’ut karyuä yivune, ma ’evi. ‘You must listen to your teacher, my son.’ Literally: You must teachers words listen to, child (affectionate form) (Paul Frommer: Naviteri.org, Spoken by Karyu Pawl ) wotd_829.mp3
828 kar: vtr. teach Loakìl pänutolìng futa kar oeru fya’ot a ’ìp fko nemfa ewll. Loak promised he’d teach me how to vanish into the bushes. (Paul Frommer:Naviteri.org, Spoken by Karyu Pawl ) wotd_828.mp3
827 kan: vtrm. aim Fwa kan ke tam; zene swizawit livonu. Literally: "To aim is not enough; one must release the arrow." Meaning: "Intent is not enough; it’s action that counts." (Paul Frommer: Naviteri.org, Spoken by Karyu Pawl ) wotd_827.mp3
826 kämakto: v. ride out Kämakto set ulte Eywa livu ngahu. Ride out now , and may Eywa be with you.
825 kalin: adj. sweet to the taste Fìnaerìri sur fkan oeru kalin This drink tastes sweet to me. Literally: As for this drink, the taste comes to me as sweet. (Paul Frommer: Naviteri.org, Spoken by Karyu Pawl ) wotd_825.mp3
824 kali'weya: n. species of poisonous arachnid Tsahikìl ta epxang kali'weyati 'olaku. The Spiritual Leader took the Arachnid from the stone jar.
823 : vin. go Ketsran tsengne nga kivä, kä oe tsatseng nìteng. Wherever you go, I’ll go there too. (Paul Frommer: Naviteri.org, Spoken by Karyu Pawl ) wotd_823.mp3
822 ka: adp. across, covering thoroughly Ka atxkxe tsawkeyä atan 'ampi. The sun's light touches across the land.
821 ìlä: adp. by, via, following, according to Tsenga ’awstengyäpem fìmekemyo lu mektseng a tsun fpxiväkìm hì’ang tsawìlä. Where these two walls come together there’s a gap through which insects can get in. (Paul Frommer:Naviteri.org , Spoken by Karyu Pawl ) wotd_821.mp3
820 ikranay: n. forest banshee Ikran to ikranay lu apxa. A banshee is larger than a forest banshee.
819 ikran: n. banshee Lu Seze ikran Neytiriyä. Seze is Neytiri's banshee.
818 i'en: n. stringed instrument Sneyä pamtseoti pol ngolop fa i'en. He created his music with a stringed instrument.
817 hu: adp. with (accompaniment) Ngahu wìyeiem oe. I will soon fight with you. (On your side.)
816 hol: adj. few Lu oeru tskxe ahol. I have a few rocks.
815 hiyìk: adj. funny, strange Trramä tìkenongìl ahiyìk oeti heykolangham. Yesterday's strange example made me laugh.
814 hapxì: n. part Ke tslam ngal hapxìpeti lì'uä alu kehe? What part of NO do you not understand?
813 hahaw: vin. sleep Herahaw po. He is sleeping.
812 fyape: inter. how Fyape po smon ngaru? How do you know him?
811 fya'o: n. path, way, manner Ke ftxey nìftue fkol fya'oti a tsawìlä nga kìyevä. The path that you would go is not easily chosen.
810 fwa: pn., sbd. that (subordinate clause marker) Sunu oeru fwa sute za'u fìtsengene fte nivume. It is pleasing to me that people come here to learn.
809 futa: pn., sbd. that Omum oel futa ngal tslam tsa'uti am'aluke. I know, without a doubt, that you understand that.
808 ftue: adj. easy, simple Ke lu ftue tsakem. That action is not easy.
807 ftu: adp. from (direction) Tsafya'oftu zola'u pam . The noise came from that way.
806 ftia: vtr. study Furia ftia leNa'via lì'fyat sìlpey oe tsnì fìtsenge srung sivi ngaru. I hope this place helps you to study the Na'vi language.
805 fte: conj. so that, in order to Zene fnivu nga fte tsivun poti stivawm moe. You must be quiet so that we can hear him.
804 frrtu: n. guest, visitor Oeyä frrtu lu po. He is my guest.
803 frapo: pn. everyone Frapo a fmalmi nolui Everyone that has tried has failed.
802 fra'u: pn. everything Ke omum oel fra'uti I do not know everything.
801 fpxafaw: n. medusa Fpxafaw lìng mì ya na ayram Iknimayayä The medusa floats in the air like the mountains of Iknimaya.
800 fpom: n. wellbeing, peace, happiness Ngaru lu fpom srak? Are you well? (lit: Have you wellbeing? )
799 fpi: adp. for the sake of, for the benefit of Ngafpi ngop oel tsa'uti I made that for you.
798 fpe': vtr. send 'Upxareti sawtutel fpalme' awngaru. The skypeople have sent us a message.
797 fpak: v. hold off, suspend action Tsa'ul fpìyevak kllti ayfeyä That thing will hold off their attack.
796 fnu: vin. quiet, be quiet Fnivu krr a oe perlltxe! Be quiet when I'm talking!
795 fngapsutxwll: n. metalfollowing plant fngapsutxwll tayuvon ne nga txo 'uo lefngap ngahu lu (Metal following plant) Anemonid will lean torwards you if you have anything metal with you.
794 fmi: vtrm. try, attempt Fmi mivakto pa’lit! Try to ride a direhorse!
793 flä: vin. succeed Flayä tìhawl oeyä. My plan will succeed.
792 fko: pn. one, they (singular usage) (unspecified agent) Pefya fko syaw ngaru? What does one call you. (What is your name?)
791 fkew: adj. mighty Lu Toruk Makto fkew Rider of Last Shadow is mighty.
790 fì'u: pn. this (thing) peu lu fì'u? What is this thing?
789 fìtseng / fìtsenge: adv., n. here, this place Pelun fìtsenge ngal zamunge oet ? Why did you bring me here?
788 fìtxan: adv. so, to such an extent fpole' ayngal oer fìtxan nìftxavang a 'upxaret stolawm oel I have heard the message that you have sent me so passionately
787 fìkem: pn. this (action) pesu fìkem soli? Who did this?
786 fìfya: adv. this way, like this ngal tskoti fìfya zene fyivep. You must grip the bow like this.
785 : prefix this fìtrr mipa lì'uti oel nolume I learned a new word today.
784 fa: adp. with, by means of yerikit tololtem oel fa tsko swizaw. I shot the hexapede with a bow and arrow.
783 eyktan: n. leader ne eyktan ngeyä fyawìntxu oer Take me to your leader.
782 eyaye: n. warbonnet Na'vil sar ayrìkit eyayeyä na ioi ulte fte ayuti a vll ne aysenge ngivop. The na'vi use the warbonnet's leaves as ceremonial apparel and to create things which point to places.
781 eo: adp. before, in front of (place) eo aynga nìwotx kllkem oe I stand before you all.
780 eltungawng: n. brainworm Ayeltungawngìl a ta swoka fìutral zamayunge taronyuru letsrantena säomumìt mì Uniltaron Brainworms from this sacred tree will bring important information to the hunter in The Dream hunt.
779 eltu si: vin. pay attention, quit goofing off Rutxe, eltu sivi nga Please, will you stop goofing off.
778 ätxäle si: vin. request (with tsnì clause for object) ätxäle soli oe tsnì po ke tivätxaw. I requested that he not return.
777 äie: n. vision (spiritual) Teswotolìng eltungawngìl poru äieti angay Uniltaronmì sneyä. The eltungawng granted him true vision in his own Dreamhunt.
776 ayoeng: pn. we, us (inclusive) kelkune txon'ongmaw ayoeng kolä. We went home after sunset.
775 ayfo: pn. they Fìtxeleri Eywayä fyawìntxuti ayfol fwew. They looked for Eywa's guidance regarding this matter.
774 atokirina': n. seeds of the great tree Fwa tsole'a oel atokirina'ìt lamu aungia a ta Eywa. That i saw a seed of the great tree was a sign from Eywa
773 apxa: adj. large lu ngaru kelku apxa you have a large house.
772 lìm: svin. be far zene livìm nga krra tätxaw fo. You must be far from here when they return.
771 a: part. clauselevel attributive marker Poanìl 'upxaret fpole' a poeru samunu He sent a message which was pleasing to her.
770 'upxare: n. message Sawtutel fpole' awngaru 'upxaret The Skypeople have sent us a message.
769 'upe: inter. what (thing) ke omum pol teyngta fì'u 'upe lu. He doesn't know, what this thing is.
768 'u: n. thing (object, fact, abstraction) tsun livu ayu a ngal ke tslam lehrrap. Things that you don't understand can be dangerous.
767 'ong: v. unfold, blossom säplltxe san 'ivong Na'vi sìk sunu ayoeru. The statement "May Na'vi Blossom" is pleasing to us.
766 'ok: n. remembrance fpi ok aylomtuyä awnga way si We sing for the remeberance of those who are missed.
765 'ite: n. daughter Peyä 'ite taronyu atxantsan lu. His daughter is an excellent hunter.
764 'itan: n. son Lu po oeyä 'itan. He is my son.
763 'it: n. bit, a small amount Tsun oeru livu tsa'uä 'it srak? Can I have a bit of that thing?
762 'Ìnglìsì: n. English language Plltxe nga nì'Ìnglìsì, srak? Do you speak english?
761 'ì'awn: vin. remain, stay Ro ora moe 'almi'awn txankrr. We stayed at the lake for a long time.
760 'eylan: n. friend Ke tsun livu ngaru 'eylan apxay nìhawng You can never have too many friends.
759 'ewan: adj. young nìtxan lu tsa'eveng 'ewan That child is very young.
758 'evi: n. kid (affectionate form of) lu pesuä fì'evi ahona? Who's adorable kid is this?
757 'eveng: n. child Eywayä ayeveng lu ayoeng nìwotx. We are all Eywa's children.
756 'engeng: adj. level Fte ikranit kllpeykivä taronyul fwolew kllteti a'engeng. The hunter looked for level ground to land his ikran.
755 'ekong: n. beat (rhythmic) Na'viyä aywayä katoru lu 'ekong apxey. The rhythm of the Na'vi's songs have three beats. Na'vi's songs are sung with a rhythm that is 3 beats.
754 'eko: vtr. attack Na'viti ro helutral 'oleko sawtutel fa ayhunsìp. The skypeople attacked the Na'vi at hometree with gunships.
753 'awve: adj. first (ordinal) Tìftxey 'awve oeyä ke lamu tsafpìl. That idea was not my first choice.
752 'awsiteng: adv. together Tìkangkem sarmeiyi 'awsiteng moe zìsìto a'aw. We've been working together for a year.
751 'awpo: pn. one individual Awngaru srung sivi a 'awpo JakeSully lamu nì'aw. JakeSully was the only one that could help us.
750 'awkx: n. cliff Ayawkx a txampaylok teyrpin lu The cliff's near the ocean are white.
749 'aw: num. one Tsasponot nì'aw utralìl a'aw tok. There is only one tree on that island.
748 'angtsìk: n. hammerhead Angtsìkìri tse'atswo lu fe' ngian stawmtswo sì hefitswo lu txantsan. The Titanothere's vision is poor, however its sense of hearing and smell is excellent.
747 'ampi: vtr. touch Txo loreyuti 'ivampi ngal tskrr 'asyìp. If you touch a helicoradian then it will recede from view.
746 sa'sem: n. Parents Poru tamängìng tìmwiät ahol sa'semìl sneyä. His parents gave him little justice.
745 tìmal: n. trustworthiness Pori tìmalit mi ke fmetok fkol. His trustworthyness has yet to be tested.
744 kilvan: n. river Wew lu kilvanä pay. The water of the river is cold.
743 lätxayn: vtr. defeat in battle, conquer Sawtuteti lasyätxayn awngal We will soon defeat the skypeople.
742 yemfpay si: vin. dip into liquid Naernemfa sneyä yemfpay si matsaru po He dipped his bread into his drink.
741 nì'eoio: adv. ceremoniously Nì'eoio way soli awnga teri awngeyä sätare a hu Eywa sì Eywa'eveng We ceremoniously sang about our connection with Eywa and Pandora
740 kawng: adj. bad, evil Set oel kame fwa sawtuteti lu kawng. I see now that the skypeople are evil.
739 holpxay: n. number Nì'aw new oel futa tìsraw seykivi sawtuteti talun tsakem. Zene nga mivunge holpxayti ulte mì ve'o kllkxivem. I just want to hurt the skypeople for that action! You will need to take a number and stand in line.
738 nìhol: adv. few, not many Law lu oeru fwa taw lu leyapay nìhol. It looks slightly foggy outside.
737 seysonìltsan: intj. well done! Tse'eia Oel futa ikranhu nga ftu Iknimaya tolätxaw. Seysonìltsan! I see that you have returned from the Hallelujah mountains with an ikran. Well done!
736 yemfpay: n. dipping (into liquid) Ayruseyti a 'Rrtata ke tsun emrivey aytampaymì Eywa'evengä txo yemfpay lu foru kintrrmaw ahol. Living things that are from earth can't iving things from Earth can't survive in the oceans if they have immersion after a few weeks
735 heyn: vin. sit Rutxe, ma tsmukan hiveyn fìtsenge taluna lam oeru fwa lu nga kelfpomtokx Please brother , sit here because you do not look well.
734 tsim: n. source lu Kilvan tsim payä awngaru The river is a source of water to us.
733 ngaytxoa: intj. sorry, my apologies Ä'!, oel tewkxit tolungzup venzeksìn peyä. Ngaytxoa. Whoops! I dropped the club on his toe. My Appologies.
732 letrrtrr: adj. ordinary letrrtrr fìtskxe lam oeru This rock looks very ordinary to me.
731 re'o: n. head lu re'oru peyä nikre alayon. His head has dark hair.
730 nefä: adv. up (direction) Nefä zene fìkxemyoti nga tsyivìl fte 'awkxä fäpati livok You must climb up this wall to get to the top of the cliff.
729 tireafya'o: n. spirit path Aywayl yìm kifkeyä 'Ìheyut avomrr sìn tireafya’o avol Na waytelemä hìng. The songs bind the thirteen spirals of the solid world to the eight spirit paths, like the threads of a songcord.
728 kop: adv. too Po taronyu anawm ke lu nì'aw slä kop tsmukan oeyä lu. He is not just a great hunter but is also my brother.
727 latem: vin change Snoti tsun livatem pol nì'aw He can change only himself.
726 olo': n. clan Ye'krr sngä'I Reyfya olo'ä Clan life starts early.
725 pe: affix inter. marker Txo new nga ngivop tìpawmit tsakrr lì'uvit alu pe tstxolì'uru sung. If you want to make a question then you add the word pe to a noun
724 omum: vtr. know omum oel futa lu ngaru tìtxur. I know that you have strength.
723 nìwotx: adv. all (of), completely ngahu mllte nìwotx oe I agree with you completely
722 txampay: n. sea, ocean Fte kivä few txampay zene livu ngaru uran You must have a boat in order to cross the ocean.
721 ramunong: n. well Ayvitrayä Ramunong lu swotu Na'viru The Well of Souls is a sacred place to the Na'vi.
720 syuve: n. food Wutsofpi ayfrrtuä lu oengaru pesyuve? What food do we have for our guests meal?
719 änsyem: adj. complete Luke naer ke livu wutso 'änsyem. The meal would not be complete without a drink.
718 tete: adj. dull (as a blade) fkol ke munge tstalit atete fte wivem One does not bring a dull knife to fight with.
717 zize': n. hellfire wasp omum zize'ìl futa ftxey ioang a sim lu hrrap fuke. The hellfire wasp knows whether or not a nearby animal is a threat
716 hì'ang: n. insect Nari si! Tsahì'ang alehrrap lu zize'. Watch out! That dangerous insect is a hellfire wasp.
715 tstxolì'u: n. noun Tstxolì'u lu lì'u a ngaru 'uoä tstxoti peng ulte kop zene tute fu tsenge fu 'u livu nì'aw. A noun is a word that tells you something's name and additionally must only be a person or place or thing.
714 fwäkìwll: n. mantis orchid Fwäkìwllìri nari si fteke sngivap ngati fwäkìl a weran sìn tsaw. About the Mantis Orchid, watch out so that the mantis hiding on it doesn't sting you.
713 hapxìtu: n. member Fìponguä hapxìtu po lu. He is a member of this group
712 fìtxon: adv., n. tonight Fìtxon mipa eylanhu ultxa soli oe. Tonight I met with many new friends.
711 yol: adj. short (of time) Elyanhu a ultxa awngeyä lamu yol. Our meeting with friends was short.
710 way: n. song (ancient, ceremonial) Nì'aw omum awngal futa aywayìri a'awve way sami fko teri Na'viyä sätare a Eywahu. we only know the first songs were ceremoniously sung about the Na'vi's relationship with Eywa.
709 uniltìranyu: n. dreamwalker ke sunu Na'viru ayuniltìranyu Dreamwalkers are not liked by the Na'vi.
708 kxemyo: n. wall, vertical surface Poru slamu law fwa tsun tsive'a po ka atxkxe nìwotx tengkrr 'awkxä kxemyoti pol tsyarmeiyìl. It became clear to them that they can see across the entire land while they were climing the wall of the cliff.
707 säwìntxu: n. a showing, an exhibition Fìtrrä säwìntxu eltur tìtxen si nìtxan. Today's exhibition is interesting.
706 kxem: vin. be vertical Fìutraltsyìp ke kxem taluna ngal sralmu'. This brush isn't vertical anymore because you trampled it.
705 zare': n. forehead, brow Lu zare'ur Mo'atä sanhì a eltur tìtxen si renu. Mo'at's forehead has bioluminecent freckles that have an interesting pattern.
704 nìktungzup: adv. carefully, firmly Zene nga tskxoti nìktungzup fyivep. You must grip the bow firmly.
703 flawm: n. cheek lu flawmur peyä ayskxirtsyìp a ta nantang a wolem pohu. His cheek has scratches from the viperwolf he fought with.
702 nìmeyp: adv. weakly, loosely Poti yolìm nìmyep utralur oel fa txurtel I bound him loosely to the tree with a rope.
701 spono: n. island Fol lolawk sponot a mì kamtseng 'orayä. They talked about an island in the middle of the lake.
700 tor: adj. last, ultimate, terminal leiu tìpawm ator tìreyä wawe. The meaning of life is the ultimate question.
699 flefle: n. magnetotrophic plant Flefle mìn fte tsawl slivu ne skxe sawtuteyä. Sol's delight turns to grow in the direction of the skypeople's rocks
698 pxorna'lor: n. sari, beautiful exploding seed plant Pxorna'lorìri prrnesyul pxayor krra fyeyn ayrina' lu ulte Na'viru syuveyä tsim ayrina' lu. Regarding the Sari, It's bud will explode when the seeds are mature and those seeds are a source of food to the na'vi.
697 värumut: n. vein pod Värumutìri syon aswey lu fwa yaftu txumit 'aku, hufwa fkan oeru onvä'. The best thing about the vein pod is that it detoxifies the air of Pandora, although it smells offensive to me.
696 kxutu: n. enemy Na'viyä kxutu lu sawtute. Sky people are the enemy of the Na'vi.
695 wotx: n. totality, whole Awngaru nìprrte' poleng pol wotxit vurä teri sneyä tìsop. He happily told us the whole story about his journey.
694 tì'awpo: n. individuality (negative), selfishness Ke tsun olo' emrerey txo livu txana tì'awpo. The clan can not survive if there is too much selfishness. wotd_694.mp3
693 'awm: n. camp Oe tolätxaw ne 'awm mawkrra stolawm torukit. I returned to camp after I heard a great leonoptyrix. wotd_693.mp3
692 me'em: adj. harmonious Pori tìmuntxa lam me'em nìtxan oeru. Their marriage seems very harmonious to me.
691 tìmuntxa: n. mating, marriage Mefeyä tìmuntxal stoleykängi Tsu'teyt Their marriage angered Tsu'tey.
690 waytelem: n. song cord Waytelemit Olo'ä txuleia 'okrolìl awngeyä. The clan's song cord is built with our history.
689 yomioang: n. chalice plant Yomioangìl ayioangit yom. The Chalice plant eats animals.
688 pak: part. disparagement karyar ngal ayreyfyati awngeyä poru pak!? Nì'ul kame tskxe! You will be teaching him our ways? Yeah right! A rock see's more!
687 nulkrr: adv. longer (time) oe ngato tolaron nulkrr. I hunted longer than you.
686 pätsì: n. badge (English loanword) Oe zene nivìn mefätsìti mengeyä. I need to see your badges. wotd_686.mp3
685 awaiei: n. banshee of paradise Awaieiri ayrina' lu syuve Na'viru ulte tokxit tsun fko sivar wä kutu fte keykivä neto fot. The seeds of the Banshee of paradise are food to the na'vi and the body of this plant can be used against unwanted guests to make them go away.
684 tafkip: adp. from up among Swizaw ayoene tswolayon tafkip tsayrìk. An arrow flew at us from up among those leaves. wotd_684.mp3
683 skepek: adj. formal Zene fko livu skepek nìtam krr a pivlltxe pohu. One must be sufficiently formal when one would talk to him. wotd_683.mp3
682 kavuk: n. treachery Kavuk verirä mì olo' pxel säspxin apxa. Treachery was spreading in the clan like a great sickness. wotd_682.mp3
681 hìrumwll: n. puffer plant Nari si fteke tswivayon ne tsahìrumwll. Watch out so you don't fly to that puffer plant. wotd_681.mp3
680 pamtseotu: n. musician Yivune tsapamtseotu! Listen to that musician! wotd_680.mp3
679 rìkean: adj. leaf green Yayo arìkean tsun wäpivan nìltsan na'rìngmì. A leaf green bird can hide well in the forest. wotd_679.mp3
678 nì'en: adv. making an informed guess Pol tsngalit a eo oe ftxoley nì'en. He chose the cup in front of me on a hunch. wotd_678.mp3
677 tìväng: n. thirst Fkol tìvängit zeyko fa pay. Thirst is cured with water. wotd_677.mp3
676 srefey: vtr./vin. expect Oel srefey futa po tsìyevun oengahu ziva'u. I expect that he would want to come with us. wotd_676.mp3
675 txasom: adj. very hot naer oeyä txasom sunu oeru I like my drink very hot.
674 skxir: n. wound Oe ke tsun fyivep tskoti nìftue taluna lu oeru skxir a mì syokx. I can't hold the bow easily because I have a wound on my hand. wotd_674.mp3
673 zìmtswo: n. (sense of) touch lu mesyokxur peyä kea zìmtswo taluna pumit nalmekx txepìl. His hands have no sense of touch because they were burnt by fire.
672 yune: vtr. listen to (intentially) pol yolune karyuti taluna nolew nivume. He listened to the teacher because he wanted to learn.
671 ewku: vtr. taste New oel futa ivewku tsafkxenit I want to taste that vegetable.
670 'ur: n. sight, look, appearance Ngari 'ur oeru teya si. Your sight fills me with joy. wotd_670.mp3
669 pìmtxan: inter. how much? Pìmtxan payti nga tsun mivunge mì satsngal? How much water can you bring in that cup? wotd_669.mp3
668 payfya: n. stream (water) Po oeru syolaw lahea pa'oftu payfyayä. He called to me from the other side of the stream. wotd_668.mp3
667 hayalo: adv. next time Tsasyun nga ziva'u ayoehu hayalo. You can come with us next time. wotd_667.mp3
666 ongokx: vin. be born Leru meforu mipa prrnen a 'ìlmongokx trram. They have a new child, which was born yesterday. wotd_666.mp3
665 nìsyep: adv. tightly, in an iron grip Pol fyarmep tskoti nìsyep tengkrra kolan ne talioang. He gripped the bow tightly as he aimed at the sturmbeest. wotd_665.mp3
664 furia: pn. that (fì'uri+a) Furia pol ke new futa nga ziva'u oeru txoa livu. I'm sorry that she doesn't want you to come. wotd_664.mp3
663 tsngan: n. meat Tsnganit 'ivem nìtam fteke slivu spxin. Cook your meat sufficiently so that you don't become sick. wotd_663.mp3
662 ekxtxu: adv. rough Ekxtxua skxel aklltxusay oeti tìsraw seyki mawkrra oe zolup. The rough stones on the ground hurt me after I fell.
661 hawnu: vtr. protect, shelter Utral ke tsun hivawnu fkoti ta nantang. Trees can not protect one from viperwolves. wotd_661.mp3
660 hìmtxampe: inter. how much? Lu awngaru hìmtxampe syuve fte tsivun yomtivìng fraporu? How much food do we need to feed everyone? wotd_660.mp3
659 nìlkeftang: adv. continuously Tompa zolup nìlkeftang trram. It rained continuously yesterday. wotd_659.mp3
658 txepìva: n. ash, cinder Nì'aw txepìval tok tsenget a tsana'rìngìl tarmok. There is only ash where that forest had been. wotd_658.mp3
657 nìkxem: adv. vertically Pori paynga'a tsngawpayvi zolup nìkxem nekll flawmìlä. The moist teardrop dropped vertically down her cheek. wotd_657.mp3
656 txi: n. hurry, hurriedness, frenzy Kemori a sivi fko nìyawr, txi lu kxutu. Hurriedness is the enemy of doing something correctly. wotd_656.mp3
655 pxir: n. beer (German loanword) Trray oeng tsun niveiäk pxirit 'awsiteng. We can drink beer together tomorrow. wotd_655.mp3
654 hìmtxewvay: adv. minimally Oel ke omum lunit a ke zup tsautral a kllkxem nìpxim hìmtxewvay. I don't know why that tree which is barely standing upright hasn't fallen. wotd_654.mp3
653 txantxewvay: adv. maximally Tswivayon nìwin txantxewvay! Fly as fast as possible! wotd_653.mp3
652 hìmtxew: n. minimum fìuvanìri kin awngal hìmtxewit alu tute avol fte uvan sivi. We need a minimum of 8 people to play this game.
651 txantxew: n. maximum ayngeyä tìhawnuri livu ngaru txantxew alu vomuna tsamsiyu. As for your protection, you may have a maximum of 10 warriors.
650 snew: vtr. constrict, tighten Zene nga snivew fìtelemit fte txivula säsyepit. You must tighten this cord to build a trap.
649 snewsye: adj. weird, spooky stìlmawm oel pamit asnewsya a ta tsaslärìl zarma'u. I have just heard a weird sound coming from that cave.
648 tìspe'e: n. capture Tìspe’e kemä lu hapxì lunä a Uniltìrantokx lu lor. Action capture is part of the reason Avatar is beautiful. wotd_648.mp3
647 spe'e: vtr. capture Olo' mi ke tserun spive'e kxutut. The clan has still been unable to capture their enemy. wotd_647.mp3
646 wip: adj. salty Txampay lu wip to kilvan. The ocean is saltier than a river. wotd_646.mp3
645 leioae si: vin. to respect Oe leioae si fraporu a tok fìtsenget. I respect everybody here. wotd_645.mp3
644 leioae: n. respect Lu nawma eyktanur leioae suteyä a poti nong. A great leader has the respect of the people that follow them.
643 kemlì'uvi: n. infix Lu mì hemlì'u meseng a kemlì'uvi tsun tivok There are two places in a verb where an infix can be. wotd_643.mp3
642 hasey si: vin. accomplish, bring to a conclusion Mawkrra ayoe wutsoru hasey soli, poltxe. After we finished the meal, we talked. wotd_642.mp3
641 hasey: adj. done, finished Frapo hivum maw krr a 'eoio lolu hasey. Everybody left after the ceremony was finished. wotd_641.mp3
640 herwìva: n. snowflake Fraherwìva lu letsim. Every snowflake is unique. wotd_640.mp3
639 fralo: adv. every time, every instance, each time Fralo oe kä kilvan, nga perey tsatsenge. Every time I go to the river, you are waiting there. wotd_639.mp3
638 epxang: n. stone jar used to hold small toxic arachnid Frapol olomum 'ut a mì epxang a Tsahìkìl kolulat nì'eoio. Everybody knew what was in the stone jar that the Tsahìk ceremoniously revealed. wotd_638.mp3
637 teyngta: n. that answer (patientive) Oe ke new ivomum teyngta fyape nga tsakem soli. I don't want to know how you did that. wotd_637.mp3
636 teyngla: n. that answer (agentive) Oeri tìpe’unit leykatem teyngla nga tsakem soli pefya. The answer to how you did that could change my decision. wotd_636.mp3
635 teynga: n. that answer Tsranten teynga zaya'u pesu. Who is coming is important. wotd_635.mp3
634 stxenutìng: vtr. offer Ayoel mayll'an srungit astxenutawnìng nì'aw taluna ke lu ayoeru tìftxeyo alahe. We will accept the offered help only because we don't have any other choice. wotd_634.mp3
633 'engeng: adj. level Fkol kin tsengot a'engeng fte tsivun txivula nìltsan. Somewhere level is needed to be able to build well. wotd_633.mp3
632 sru': vtr. crush, trample angtsìkìri nìhawng rä'ä livok fteke tsal ngati srivu'. Don't get to close to a sturmbeast so you don't get trampled. wotd_632.mp3
631 fngo': vtr. require, demand Sa'nokìl fngo' futa ayeveng sneyä eltu si. A mother requires her children to pay attention. wotd_631.mp3
630 frawzo: intj. all is well, everythingis fine or OK Srungìri seiyi irayo, frawzo set. Thank you for the help, everything is ok now. wotd_630.mp3
629 kosman: adj. wonderful, terrific,fantastic Lu kosman fwa nga tsolun fivrrfen moeti. It is wonderful that you could visit us. wotd_629.mp3
628 nìpxay: adv. many, manily Tsatxayo lu lezeswa nìpxay. That plains is densely grassy. wotd_628.mp3
627 tìno: n. thoroughness, attention to detail Krr a fko herawl, tìno tsranten nìtxan. When planning, attention to detail is very important. wotd_627.mp3
626 tuvon: v. lean Tsautral atusuvon zayup ye'rìn. That leaning tree will fall son. wotd_626.mp3
625 nìpxi: adv. especially, pointedly, unambiguously Po oeru nìpxi poleng srung sivi. He pointedly told me to help. wotd_625.mp3
624 'e'al: adj. worst Taronyu a'e'al lu po. He is the worst hunter.
623 lam: vin. seem, appear. Lam oeru fwa po ke za'u fìtrr. It seems to me that he isn't coming today. wotd_623.mp3
622 venga: adj. organized, 'on top of things' (for people) Oel ayuoti teratep frakrr, tuteyä txampxì längu venga' to oe. I'm always losing things, most people are more organized than me. wotd_622.mp3
621 velke: adj. chaotic, messy, disorganized, in shambles Lu nìtxan tsatute vefya That person is very disorganised.
620 vefya: n. system, process, procedure, approach tìngzäkìri veyfya peyä lamu fe'ran. His approach to the problem was flawed.
619 vezeyko: vtr. put in order, organize Pol sästarsìmit ayhì'angä sneyä vezeykolo nìktungzup. He carefully organized his collection of insects. wotd_619.mp3
618 vezo: vin. be in order, be organized Ngeyä kelku vezeio nìtxan nang! Your house is always so organized! wotd_618.mp3
617 ve'o: n. order- as opposed to disorder or chaos), organization Pol ferewi frakrr ve'oti neto krr a za'u. She is always chasing order away when she comes. wotd_617.mp3
616 Yewla!: conv. Bummer! Thats a shame! What a shame! Oe ke tsun ngati kintrray fivrrfen. Yewla! I can't visit you next week. Bummer! wotd_616.mp3
615 yawnyewla: n. broken heart; broken-heartedness längu Neytiriru yawnyewla a kavuk soli Jakesully poru. Neytiri is broken-hearted that Jake Sully betrayed her.
614 nìyewla: adv. in a disappointing fashion; failing to meet expectations Pori tarontswo oeru lu nìyewla. His ability to hunt is disappointing to me.
613 leyewla: adj. disappointing Leyewla lu fìtsngal taluna lu hì'i nìhawng. That cup is disappointing because it is too small.
612 yewla: n. disappointment, emotional let-down, failed expectation lamängu oeru yewla krra tse'a futa ke flä po. I felt disappointment when I saw him fail.
611 nìksran: adv. in a mediocre manner Tute angong tìkangkem solängi nìksran. The lazy person worked in a mediocre mannor.
610 kesran: adj. so-so, mediocre Ayoe ke hum taluna kesrana yafkeyk lamängu wrrpa. The weather was so-so outside today, so we did not leave.
609 wum: adv. approximately, roughly kay wum trr apxey oel tsatsengit tayok. After approximately three days, I will be there.
608 snomo: n. private space that one can retreat to snomone oeyä kä oe krra new livu nì'awtu. I goto my private room when I want to be alone.
607 mo: n. space, hollow, enclosed open area Oel tsìlme'a hì'ia ioangit a tolul ftu mo a mì tsautral. I just saw a small animal which ran from a hole in that tree. wotd_607.mp3
606 nìran: adv. basically, fundamentally, in essence Na'vi nìran lu lefpom. The Na'vi people are fundamentally peaceful. wotd_606.mp3
605 fe'ranvi: n. blemish, deformity, stain, flawed feature Rutxe rä'ä nivìn nìtut fe'ranviti pxunä peyä. Please don't stare at the deformity of his arm. wotd_605.mp3
604 reyfya: n. way of living, culture Na'viri reyfya eltur oeyä tìtxen si nìtxan. I find the Na'vi culture very interesting. wotd_604.mp3
603 fe'ran: n. flawed nature; something ill-conceived or inherently defective Fe'ran a Eywati skiva'a lu. That which would destroy Eywa is flawed. wotd_603.mp3
602 loran: n. elegance, grace Nì'aw Na'vil tsleram loranti Eywayä nìngay. Only the Na'vi truly understand the grace of Eywa. wotd_602.mp3
601 ran: n. intrinsic character or nature, essence, constitution Tawtutel ke tslängam ranit na'rìngä. Sky people don't understand the true nature of the forest. wotd_601.mp3
600 syon: n. feature, trait, attribute, characteristic, point, aspect, property Ngari syon a frato oeru sunu lu lrrtok. The trait about you I like the most is your smile. wotd_600.mp3
599 ha': vin. fit, suit, complement, inherently enhance Tì'efumì oeyä, mefori tì’eylan ke ‘ayong taluna ke ha' kaw’it. I think their friendship won't last, because they don't suit each other at all. wotd_599.mp3
598 zet: vtr. treat (emotionally), display an attitude towards Pelun ngal poti zänget pxel tute a po tìkangkemur ke ha'? Why do you act like he is unsuited to any work? wotd_598.mp3
597 wätx: vtr. be bad at Oel tsauvanti wätx, slä uvan seri mi. I'm bad at that game, but I still play it. wotd_597.mp3
596 fewtusok: adj. opposite, on the other side Oel falmrrfen kifkeyä pa'ot afewtusok. I had visited the opposite side of the world. wotd_596.mp3
595 saa: intj. threatening cry Saa! Ngat tsun oe tspivang nìftue. I can kill you easily. wotd_595.mp3
594 tìfnu: n. quiet, silence Kawkrr ke lu tìfnu mì na'rìng. There is never silence in the forest. wotd_594.mp3
593 muwìntxu: vtr. introduce, present Oe new muwivìntxu mipa fya'ot a kivar. I want to introduce a new way to teach. wotd_593.mp3
592 nìlun: adv. of course, logically Lu txon set, nìlun txampxì suteyä herahaw. It is night now, so of course most people are sleeping. wotd_592.mp3
591 yeväng: adj. satisfied from thirst after drinking Fko 'efu yeväng mawkrra noläk payti atxan nìtam. One is satisfied after drinking enough water. wotd_591.mp3
590 za'ärìp: vtr. pull Rä'ä za'ivärìp peyä kxetseti. Don't pull her tail! wotd_590.mp3
589 mawl: n. half Nawnekxa mawl utralä lu ngulnatxepìva. The burned half of the tree is ash black. wotd_589.mp3
588 wo: vtr. reach for Taronyul wolo swizawti alahe. The hunter reached for another arrow. wotd_588.mp3
587 syep: vtr. trap Saronyul syolep talioangit 'awkxeo. Hunters trapped a sturmbeest in front of a cliff. wotd_587.mp3
586 nim: adj. timid, shy Oe ke poltxe poehu taluna lu nìm. I didn't speak with her because I am shy. wotd_586.mp3
585 tsafya: adv. that way, like that Nga ke tsun srung sivi oeru tsafya. You can't help me like that. wotd_585.mp3
584 starsìm: vtr. gather, collect Oel lora skxeti starsìm a fì'u sunu oeru. I like to gather pretty rocks. wotd_584.mp3
583 zerok: v. remember Oel zereiok trrit a oel ngati tsole'a nì'awve. I remember the day when I first saw you. wotd_583.mp3
582 nìfwefwi: adv. in a whistling manner Hufwel ftem slärti nìfwefwi. Wind whistled past the cave. wotd_582.mp3
581 fmal: vtr. sustain Zene awngal 'okrolti fmival fteke tswiva'. We must keep our history alive so that we don't forget. wotd_581.mp3
580 hu-: adp. with Srake nga hu oe ftia? Will you study with me? wotd_580.mp3
579 frrfen: vtr. visit Oeyä 'eylan afusrrfen zaya'u oengahu. My visiting friend will come with us. wotd_579.mp3
578 letsunslu: adj. possible Lu letsunslu fwa tsmukan oeyä zaya'u fìtxon. It is possible that my brother will come tonight. wotd_578.mp3
577 kawnglan: adj. bad, malicious Tuteo akawnglan fmoli syivep oeti. Someone malicious tried to trap me. wotd_577.mp3
576 fkarut: v. peel Pol fkolarut penit apaynga' ta ta'leng sneyä mawkrra zolup mì ora. He peeled the wet clothes off his skin after he fell into the lake. wotd_576.mp3
575 kulat: vin. reveal, bring forth, uncover Pìwopx rolikx fte kivulat tsawketi. A cloud moved to reveal the sun. wotd_575.mp3
574 sna'o: n. set, group, pile (not people) Tawnatepa miktsangìl tok tsengot a mì sasna'o. The lost earring is somewhere in that pile. wotd_574.mp3
573 muntrray: n. next weekend Muntrray hu ayeylan oe kayeiä uvan letokx. Next weekend I'm going to a game with my friends. wotd_573.mp3
572 nemrey: adv. as if one's life is at stake Tivul nemrey! Run like your life depends on it! wotd_572.mp3
571 keyawr: adj. incorrect, wrong Tì'eyng ngeyä ke lu keyawr. Your answer is not wrong. wotd_571.mp3
570 fratxon: adv. every night Ngari fratxon lu oeru unil. Every night I dream of you. wotd_570.mp3
569 aylaru: pn. to the others Mawkrra nga yom, mivunge syuvet aylaru. After you eat, bring food to the others. wotd_569.mp3
568 kurakx: vtr. drive out Awnga zene tawtuteti kivurakx. We must drive out the sky people. wotd_568.mp3
567 ìpxa: n. fern Ìpxa tsawl soli ka fya'o a ìlä tsa'u moe nolew hivum. A fern grew across the path by which we wanted to leave. wotd_567.mp3
566 ftxavang: adj. passionate Tsaätxälet aftxavang fkol 'asyeyng. That passionate request will be answered. wotd_566.mp3
565 ìheyu: n. spiral Pol woleyn 'ìheyuti mì hllte. She drew a spiral on the ground. wotd_565.mp3
564 txärem: n. bone Lu tuteru lefpomtokx txura txärem. A healthy person has strong bones. wotd_564.mp3
563 fyeyn: adj. ripe, mature, adult Krr a nga lu fyeyn, tsayun nga pive'un kemit a sivi. When you are mature, you will be able to choose what you would do. wotd_563.mp3
562 kakrel: adj. blind Lu oe nì'aw kakrel, tsun mi stivawm. I am only blind, I can still hear. wotd_562.mp3
561 Pefya nga fpìl?: expr. What do you think? Awnga sweylu txo tivaron ye'rìn fuke... Pefya nga fpìl ma tsmukan? Should we go hunting soon or not? What do you think, brother? wotd_561.mp3
560 sre fwa sngap zize': expr. As quickly as possible' (lit.: before the hellfire wasp stings Mivunge tsat oeru sre fwa sngap zize'. Bring that to me as quickly as possible. wotd_560.mp3
559 ka wotx: expr. generally, for the most part (lit.: across the totality) Sute lu tstunwi ka wotx, slä suteo kawnga kemo seri. People are generally nice, but some people do something bad. wotd_559.mp3
558 syeprel: n. camera Nga tsun sivar oeyä syeprelit aspuwin. You can use my old camera. wotd_558.mp3
557 spulmokri: n. telephone Txo lu ngaru tìkin a oehu plltxe, sivar spulmokriti. If you need to talk to me, use a telephone. wotd_557.mp3
556 srungtsyìp: n. helpful hint, tip Oe ke tsun tivìng ngaru kea srungtsyìpit mungwrr fì'u a nga zene tivul. I can give you no tips except for this: you must run. wotd_556.mp3
555 srungsiyu: n. assistant, helper Oeyä srungsiyu ngaru fyawayìntxu. My assistant will guide you. wotd_555.mp3
554 sngä'itseng: n. beginning, starting position, initial location Frapo kä sngä’itseng! Everybody go to the starting position. wotd_554.mp3
553 pefyinep'ang/fyinep'angpe: q. how complex Pefyinep'ang lu tsavur? How complex is that story? wotd_553.mp3
552 fyinep'ang: n. degree of complexity Tsranten fwa fko ivomum fyinep'angit uvanä vaykrra uvan sivi. It is important to know the complexity of a game before you play it. wotd_552.mp3
551 epxang: n. stone jar used to hold small toxic arachnid Oel namìn epxangit nìsngum. I worryingly looked at the stone jar. wotd_551.mp3
550 ep'ang: adj. complex Tìzeykuso lu ep'ang. Healing is complex. wotd_550.mp3
549 fyin: adj. simple Tìtswusayon lu fyin. Flying is simple. wotd_549.mp3
548 munsnatute: n. a pair of people; a duo Oel tsole'a munsnatuteti a weran äo utral. I saw a pair of people hiding beneath a tree. wotd_548.mp3
547 munsnahawnven: n. a pair of shoes Srake lu ngaru lahea munsnahawnven? Do you have another pair of shoes? wotd_547.mp3
546 munsna: n. pair Tuteri munsna holeyn pxaw ylltxep. Pairs of people sat around the fire pit. wotd_546.mp3
545 ralnga': adj. meaningful, instructive, something from which a lesson can be learned Fratrr lu ralnga' oeru. Every day is instructive to me. wotd_545.mp3
544 txeptseng: n. place where a fire is burning or has burned Ro seng a larmu 'awlie apxa na'rìng, lu nì'aw txeptseng set. Where once there was a great forest, there is only the remains of a fire now. wotd_544.mp3
543 ylltxep : n. communal fire, firepit Oel ke tsalme'a Neytiriti ro ylltxep txonam. I didn't see Neytiri at the firepit last night. wotd_543.mp3
542 sänrr: n. glow, an instance of glowing Txonä sänrr lu lor. The glow of the night is pretty. wotd_542.mp3
541 nrr: vin. glow, be luminous Ngeyä tanhì leiam txanatan nì'ul oeru fìtxon. Your bioluminescent freckles seem brighter to me tonight. wotd_541.mp3
540 lesnonrra: adj. Full of self-pride (negative connotation) Tute lesnonrra lu yaymak. The self proud person is foolish. wotd_540.mp3
539 snonrra: n. self-pride (negative connotation) Längu poru snonrra nìhawng. He has too much self pride. wotd_539.mp3
538 nìnrra: adv. proudly, with pride Txewì tolätxaw nìnrra ftu Iknimaya. Txewì proudly returned from Iknimaya. wotd_538.mp3
537 lenrra: adj. proud (feeling of pride in others) Sempulìl lenrra nìn sneyä 'iteti a zamunge ne kelutral smarti sneyä. The proud father watches his daughter bringing her prey to home tree. wotd_537.mp3
536 nrra: n. pride, feeling of pride Ta nrra teya si oeru kem a nga soli. What you did fills me with pride. wotd_536.mp3
535 tseltsul: n. whitewater rapids Tseltsul tsun livu lehrrap. Whitewater rapids can be dangerous. wotd_535.mp3
534 rurur: n. water flowing among rocks of a very gradually sloping stream Pam ayrururä sunu oeru. The sound of a gradually sloping stream is pleasing to me. wotd_534.mp3
533 syanan: n. a single drop or series of smaller waterfalls Oel stolawm syananä pamit a'ango asim. I heard the soft sound of a small waterfall nearby. wotd_533.mp3
532 kxor: n. a wall or bank of powerful waterfalls Pam kxorä lu wok nìftxan kuma ayoe ke tsalmun stivawm pamit alahe. The waterfalls are so loud that we couldn't hear any other sounds. wotd_532.mp3
531 se'ayl: n. an individual tall, thin waterfall Ayoel tsaye'a se'aylit atsawl frato mì hifkey. We will see the tallest waterfall in the world. wotd_531.mp3
530 rawmpxom: n. thunder and lightning Krr a yrrap za'u, rawmpxom ye'rìn nìyevong. When a storm comes, thunder and lightning would soon follow. wotd_530.mp3
529 atanzaw: n. forked lightning Atanzaw tsun livu txewm, slä txopu rä'ä si. Forked lightning can be scary, but don't be afraid. wotd_529.mp3
528 rawm: n. lightning (general term) Tsole'a oel aungiati a layu rawm txonay, There was a sign that there will be lightning tomorrow night. wotd_528.mp3
527 'rrpxom: n. thunder Lu 'rrpxom lusoka yrrapä aungia. Thunder is a sign of a coming storm. wotd_527.mp3
526 yrrap: n. storm Yrrapil tayok fitsenget trry. A storm will be here tomorrow. wotd_526.mp3
525 hifwo: vin. flee, escape Ke tsun nga hivifwo. You can not escape. wotd_525.mp3
524 lopx: vin. panic Rä'ä livopx! Don't panic! wotd_524.mp3
523 lezeswa: adj. grassy Ikran oeyä tswolayon io ramtsyìp lezeswa. My ikran flew over a grassy hill. wotd_523.mp3
522 zeswavi : n. blade of grass Oel narmìn apxa zeswavit a rikx mì hufwetsyìp, I was watching a large blade of grass move in the breeze. wotd_522.mp3
521 zeswa: n. grass Sunu oeru fwa oe txay mì zeswa. I like to lay in the grass. wotd_521.mp3
520 pekxinum / 'ekxinumpe: q. how tight/loose? Pekxinum utralì ayrìkit fyep? How tight does a tree hold its leaves? wotd_520.mp3
519 'ekxinum: n. tightness/looseness Tskoä 'ekxinum tsranten nìtxan. The tightness of the bow is very important. wotd_519.mp3
518 um: adj. loose Krrìri a pol 'awkxit tsyìrmìl nìlmiä uma tskxeti ulte zolup. While climbing a cliff, he grabbed a loose rock and fell. wotd_518.mp3
517 'ekxin: adj. tight Srake oeyä tskoti lu nìtam 'ekxin? Is my bow tight enough? wotd_517.mp3
516 sru': vtr. crush, trample Txo nga nari ke si, srivu' hì'ia utralit. If you don't watch out, you will trample small trees. wotd_516.mp3